October 17, 2013

¡hola máma y pápa!
gracias for the email!! i loved it and it basically made me cry. no but really.
well kids, i have to say that the ccm is the most beautiful place on earth. period. there are palm trees everywhere and green grass that is so well kept it makes me cringe when i walk on it. it´s beautiful. there are so many happy people here it is ridiculous. i have never said ¡hola! so many times en mi vida and i can´t help but be happy with all of these misioneros around. it is rough if you have a bad day though because you are the only rain cloud for 90 acres. no joke. but the cool thing about being a misionera is that i have every reason to be happy and to rejoice!! it´s a beautiful thing.
the hermanas en mi casa are fantastico and i do not know what i would do without them. mi compañera is hermana pelligrini (you have to say that with an italian accent…i seriously can´t say it without the accent) and she is wonderful. what a blessing!! hermana pelligrini is from american fork ut and goes to byu…remember when aunt pam told me i needed to be careful about what i said about byu because it would come back and bite me?? well yeah..it did. but i love mi compañera anyway. 😉
we share a room with hermana muri and hermana goudie. what sweethearts!! it has been hard to be obedient and go to bed at 10:30 because we all just want to talk about what we are learning and about the gospel! but don´t worry…we are obedient because obedience brings blessings! love it
okay so. i have so much to say and no tiempo.. my solution: a list. here goes
what you need to know about life as una misionera al ccm:
1. español is the most beautiful language on la tierra.
2. teaching en español is nerve racking, thrilling, terrifying, and the most wonderful thing anyone en la tierra could possibly do with their life
3. the spirit is hands down the most import thing. ever. seriously, the language, the person, what you know…it´s just a small factor. if you have the spirit with you, you are set for anything.
4. la comida in the ccm is very tasty. you may think i am being sarcastic which is weird because i am not a very sarcastic person but seriously the food is fantastico. they say that everyone in your district will get sick because of the food but honestly the food is worth getting sick for. love it
(funny story…the other day there was a pasta dish of sorts and it looked like spagetti so naturally i put the red sauce that looks like tomato sauce on it but really it just happens to be a really spicey salsa that was so delicous i cried. literally. it was so hot i cried.) 
5. always be grateful for water. we have been told the water will make us sick so we get to drink out of these super cool looking filtered water bottles that take up half our bags. i don´t want to complain but you should go drink a nice cold glass of ice water right now for me. please.
6. always be grateful for a shower. that has clear water. the other day our water wasn´t working and when it came back on…it was brown. we were blessed and were able to take clean showers shortly after but when you have never questioned the color of your water you definitely learn to appreciate every tender mercy. (i know i make the water sounds worse than it actually is, it really is great, i´m just being dramatic)
7. obedience is key. i have been blessed with a beautiful compañera that wants to be 100% obedient and it has made it so much easier for me. this will sound strange and out of this world but…i love rules and structure. it helps. i love planning my days now and having something somewhere every single moment of the day. it´s beautiful.
8. love is everything. it took me awhile but i realized that i didn´t come to the ccm to learn anything but love. the love of Christ. my ability to love has been stretched in several directions and it is wonderful. i love mi familia, i love méxico, i love being a misionera, i love salsa, i love learning about el evangelio (the gospel), i love las escrituras, i love teaching, i love mi distrito, i love love love mi compañera, i love español, and i love Jesus Christ.
9. it´s hard. last night i cried my self to sleep and woke up with some really attractive, swollen eyes. class is only in español. i have to be with my compañera 24/7. i´m worn out. i miss home. but i do not want to be anywhere else in the world. it is so worth it. every second. my testimony has never been this strong and i have never felt such a love for the gospel. besides, we can do hard things. 😉
10. prayer is special. the other day (all days kind of morph into one long dream it seems like) hermana pelligrini and i were teaching our investigador how to pray. he was floored that we can talk directly to God. folks, i have never prayed so much or so hard in my life. keep a prayer in your heart and your mind open to God. miracles happen. i pray that i will be able to learn español and then i will be in a lesson or class and a word will just come to me. i wish a few more words would come to me a little more quickly but i will take every blessing and tender mercy and i will be grateful for that.
i feel like right now would be a prime time to send a shout out to my spanish teacher señora hardy. what an angel. if one of you could get her email for me or pass the word on but i need to thank her. if it weren´t for her there would have been a few more tears of frustration. i honestly believe that the Lord is helping me learn español but it sure has helped to have a spanish background for sure. but for anyone that is learning a completely new language for the first time, hang in there and know that God knows all. especially español.
hoy, we got to go to the templo. wow. first, we drove through méxico city (i must say that i have fallen in love with the city. kinda weird…there´s graffiti everywhere, crazy drivers-they don´t use the lanes all of the time-people walk in traffic selling bananas and electric mosquito swatters through car windows, and i can´t figure out if the police cars always have their lights on or if they are in no hurry to pull the car over. i have no idea how they find anything. i saw one street sign. one. and there are houses that go all the way up the side of the moñtana. it is very evident that these people don´t have a lot. but they have a lot of spirit. and i like that. we hear “fireworks” all day. but they sound more like cannons. it´s great). anyway, the templo definitely stands out. bold and beautiful. i had a head set in ingles but i ended up not using it and just listened in español. i love the spanish language. it´s beautiful. and it doesn´t matter where you are, the spirit speaks to your heart, not necessarily your head. we did take pictures and i will send them to you as soon as i can. i think i may not have possibly brought a very important kind of crucial cord. but it will happen.
ok tender mercy, so you know how i somehow attract every mosquito and all of there little amigos? well basically they followed me to méxico and moved in with the méxican mosquitos because they are everywhere. (you forget they are they there) the nice thing about it is that méxican mosquitos are lazy. that or God gave me the force because i will be in class (which has the cleanest smell just so you know) and they will literally fly around me but never get closer than an inch. ever. it´s amazing and i am super grateful. now, this does not mean that i have not been biten. i probably have five..nope six..i have one on my forehead that looks like a zit. but they haven´t swollen up yet. long story short and not to be dramatic about mosquitos..the point is that i believe in miracles. and bug spray.
i was kinding about the bug spray. i actually haven´t used any. that´s what´s so beautiful.
real quick, i want to tell you about my dristic. there are seven elders and then hermana pelligrini and me. they are all so fantastico! their spanish is so perfect they are all basically latino so it puts a lot of pressure on hermana pelligrini and me but it´s good for us. the other district in our branch leaves on monday so we will be the only misioneros at church. basically we are together a lot and hopefully won´t get sick of each other. somehow that reminded me that i´m teaching the lesson at our district meeting if you wanted to know. which then reminded me that hermana pelligrini and i have been called as sister training leaders. funny story…i was telling mi compañera that i really didn´t want a leadership position at all. i´ve had them before and was looking forward to having the elders do it. the. next. day. people. we were asked to be sister trainers. hopefully i can change my attitude and learn what the Lord wants me to learn but right now it doesn´t look like we have much to do anyway. we are the only sisters in our branch after monday.
well my time is up folks and i of course have so much more to tell you but that will have to wait. i hope that you are having a wonderful time and can see the hand of the Lord in your lives. He is there. trust me. i hope that you bear testimony often and that you pray and read the scriptures cada día! siempre!
i want you to know that i know that la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos días is the true and living church upon the earth. it has been restored to it´s fullness through the prophet josé smith and is lead by a living prophet today presidente thomas s. monson. yo se que nuestros oraciónes are answered by a loving Padre Celestial and that he is involved in our lives. the Lord has invested everything in us and all he asks of us is to love and be obedient. ¡si se puede! el libro de mormón es verdadero and i love it!!
i love you so so much!! always remember it and know that i pray for you always.
next thursday i will be a little more organized (fingers crossed) and you may want to spell check this hard core.
hermana bain

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