October 24, 2013

buenos tardes fam!!

reading your emails make me so happy!! it shouldn´t even be possible to be this happy:) sounds like things are good though and that´s beautiful.

so how´s the real world?? there is in an elder in mi districto that is big on news and the stock market or something and has been going crazy because he doesn´t know what´s going on…oh elder gardner.

real quick, méxico es fantastico! it rains and it´s beautiful and a little cold but i know better than to complain to yáll -it´s not really that cold here..not to rub it in or anything…anyway, i have so much i want to tell you!! so this is going to get crazy so relax and i hope this makes sense and that there are not too many spelling errors.

first of all, mi disticto es wonderful. seriously…i couldn´t have asked for a better group of friends. i don´t remember if i told you about them or not so i´ll do it real quick. there are the zone leaders. elder davis from snowflake arizona and elder jones from virginia. they are both serving in texas. our disticto leader is elder gardner from idaho falls serving in equador and his compañero elder markward from washington state serving in indiana. then there is the trio. elder macdonald serving in tennessee, elder wharton serving in boston, and elder scott from colorado serving in anaheim california. they are all stellar missionaries who strive to be diligent and serve the Lord with everything they have. then there is hermano rodriquez and hermano salazar…nuestros maestros…and they are perfecto. strong, solid testimonies with such a powerful love for the gospel. love it. we all have a good time and do our best everyday to be better misioneros.

teaching is great! our first investigador was manuel. it was a wonderful opportunity to teach him and he´s getting baptized in november!! our two investigadors now are jorge y christian. there is nothing in this world that brings more joy into your life than teaching el evangelio de Jesucristo. the gospel is beautiful.

on sunday…my favorite day of the week…was super powerful. in sacrament meeting (which is solid español) the topic was the fall. elder hunt was speaking and we could feel the ground shaking. we literally felt the earth shake. i was super excited and couldn´t wait to tell yáll! turns out the elders sitting behind us were shaking their legs to move the floor. we just figured that it was such a powerful meeting that the earth quaked. but don´t worry, there was not an actual earthquake but if there was, hermana pellegrini and i know where to go. i´ll send you a picture. we were promised though that when we testified of Jesucristo con el Epíritu Santo we could shake their earth. that was a stellar devotional by elder holland. love it.

so you may be wondering what missionaries do all day. well let me tell you what we do. because i love what we are about.

as misioneras we learn of Cristo, we speak of Cristo, we teach of Cristo, we breathe for Cristo, and we do everything in our power to better become as he is and invite others to come unto him. it´s the best. literally the best. i love our life! we have been talking a lot about our purpose. even as a misionera it´s easy to get caught up in the THINGS that misioneros do but it´s different to BE a misionera. there are a couple of things that have been on my mind lately on how i can be a better disciple of Cristo.

1. if you want to help others to come unto Jesucristo, first..you must come unto Cristo. simple right? if you want others to pray, then pray. if you want others to read el libro de mormón and know for themselves that it is true..and it is…then you must read el libro de mormón and pray to know for yourself. be the best investigador of Cristo that you can be.

2. es muy importante to make time for God. after you pray..wait. give him time.

3.hablo su idioma. speak your language. en méxico we hear this a lot. if you want to learn español speak español. but there is a certain language that the Lord speaks to us as well and that is the most importante. speak with the spirit and with love. hear with the spirit and with love. learn to speak with God. he always speak to us as long as we will listen.

this is God´s work. i am a disciple of Jesucristo. everything i am and all that i have is for God. and i love you. thanks for the support and for always being there for me! your prayers are felt.  

we were at a devotional en martes and the speaker asked us all if we were happy. are you happy? you have the gospel of Jesucristo. you have las palabras de Dios. are you happy?

i hope with my whole soul that you find the joy God desperately wants to bless you with. i hope with my whole soul that you know that i love you. and i hope with my whole soul that you know that i know that la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos días es la verdad. i know that God lives.

i´m super excited to hear from you again!! keep smiling

i love you mom. i love you dad. tell everyone i love them!


hermana bain


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