October 30, 2013

We´ve been busy which is great. the weather is wonderful the food is fantastico and life is good. especially in the ccm. our teaching is getting better. we love our investigadores!! they have both accepted baptism and we are excited to teach! such a blessing. (just so you know, our investigadores are our teachers). okay-neat story, yesterday we did trc which is a lesson with a volunteer investigador. it was our first time teaching a mujer but naturally we all were in tears and hugging and it was beautiful. she had some tricky situations and i really had no idea what to say but God sure did. i learned a lot.
so i love my compañera and we get along great but she thought it would be cool to share her cold. the good news is that is still love everything about her. we saw the delahunty´s at the templo hoy!! it was great…we were walking out and they were walking in. i guess vern is going to fight a bull sometime soon so that´ll be cool to hear about!!
quick shout out to mi tia kim!! feliz cumpleaños!!! don´t worry…we´re celebrating your birthday in méxico. hope you have a wonderful day! i love you so much!
i love being a missionary. honestly, i don´t know what else i would rather do with my life. because of the evangelio i have dirreción and un propósito. sorry…sometimes, i forget how to spell in english.
well my time is up. i am so sorry i didn´t get to say everything i needed to say! next week will be better!! just remember that i love you. a lot. and that i know that Jesucristo lives and hears our sincere prayers.
mom, i sure miss you. thanks for all that you do for me. i appreciate it. dad, i love you! i always pray for you and i love you all!!
God be with you

hermana bain


2 thoughts on “October 30, 2013

  1. Vern will be fighting a baby bull…and that will eat him alive. Nice to see you Hermana Bain, your Spanish sounds great. Maybe I’ll sneak into your branch when you speak next. Love you and we are way proud of you. I have to disagree with liking this CCM food however….red chicken?

  2. Sooooo happy for you & proud of you sweetheart! No greater tool that the Holy Ghost & Book of Mormon! If you want to bring others to Christ – use the BOM 😉 love you!!!! Aunt Michelle

    Michelle M 🙂

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