November 6, 2013

okay fam, this week has gone super quick. it´s ridiculous. but good. semana cinco!! how did that happen??! i just want to share three quick cosas that i learned this week
1. Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial. 
this is a very basic principio, i know. but we had a beautiful devotional en martes pasado about how important it is to teach this simple fundamental. everything else we believe builds off this eternal truth and is the foundation of fe. it´s key. so there are five questions that we were asked to pray about that night. (as if we were asking God) 1. do you really exist? are you really there? 2. do you really have a cuerpo of flesh and bones? 3. do you know that i even exist and do you know where i am? 4. do you know my name? do you know where i am from? do you know how much i struggle? do you really know me? 5. do you love me? then, elder johnson promised every misionero in the room that if we prayed with a sincere heart we would receive una respuesta. it was powerful. but then i started to think…why would you ask a room full of misioneros to pray about this?? well…how can we teach the first article of fe if we don´t know it?? 
so i prayed. honestly…i didn´t get an answer. right away. or in the way that i thought. turns out, i´ve always known. i just needed a little reminding. so i promise you two things. dos cosas.    there is a God.   and when we pray in sincerity and with real intent, we will receive an answer. please pray about these questions. i promise     you will receive an answer. 
2. i have about a week an half left. next time i email you, i´ll be getting ready to do my in field training!! so i have a lot to learn. the beautiful thing is that the espíritu encourages you to do good and i have a strong desire to serve with my whole soul. todo mi alma. but do this, i don´t have to be a robot. repetition is good. obedience is key. at first i felt like i had to fit this misionera mold. but what the Lord does is he magnifies our abilities and tones and perfects everything else. he redeems us and fills us back to our potential. i love it
3. i have been blessed with big ears but i have learned that this means that i can listen with love. teaching is so much more to me now and we teach people, not lessons. it´s one thing to listen and another to listen con el espíritu. we are learning to listen to nuestras investigadores and it´s super importante to listen to Dios y el espíritu. really listen. 
teaching is a blessing. love it. i just want to share a quick experience we had a couple of days ago. we were in clase nad our instructor came in and then lead us outside. i was thinking, what is going on?? then he took our name tags and told us to close our eyes. as a misionera, when you don´t have your name tag you feel naked and very vulnerable. our instructor ran and hid them around a grassy area in the ccm and told us we had to find them. i had to find elder jones name tag. in the dark. no pressure. there was a lot of symbolism in our lesson that night but what i wanted to share con ustedes is that we need to spread the light of Cristo in dark places. we can reflect la luz de Cristo by obtaining the light ourselves. sometimes it´s muy dificil porque we are in the dark. but Cristo is the way and the light. 
i am super grateful for mi familia, el templo, un profeta, mis instructors, emails, el sol (trust me, we are trying to soak it up..only two weeks), washing machines, mi distrito, letters!!, el libro de mormón (don´t take it for granted!!), y mi compañera hermana pellegrini. fun fact: if we could have nicknames for each other i would call her hp. 
word of the week: thanks-living 
we have much to be thankful for and too many things to smile about!! so say a quick prayer and be thankful! 
i love you. a lot. i know that Jesucristo lives. i know that we have the restored gospel on el la tierra hoy. it´s a beautiful thing and what better way to show our appreciation that to share the good news!! isaiah 58:11
hermana bain

One thought on “November 6, 2013

  1. Sister Bain: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your sweet spirit. I so look forward to your beautiful messages. I love your excitement and your positive attitude – it is infectious. You are in my prayers. Love you, Janice Kerby Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2013 05:47:13 +0000 To:

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