November 16, 2013

hey dad,

i can´t believe you already got my letter! woohoo! i guess this is where i say…you were right. yeah yeah yeah. i know. but time goes quick. i think that i am definitely ready to get to washington though. right now it doesn´t really feel real yet..tomorrow is in field training which blows my mind. i love the work. i love having something every single minute of the day. we go go go. i love the ccm. its peaceful. everything is kept so nice..very different from the city..and i love being here. i am so blessed. everyday i think about what an amazing opportunity this is and i´m overwhelmed.

i went to the templo today and i was thinking that everything in my life has led me to this. just think about the timing that i was born…the announcement effected me so quick..just months before i turned 19..and now, here i am. dad, i just want you to know how grateful i am for you and for all that you have sacrificed for me. to keep me with, to raise me, to teach me the gospel, to give me the best mom in the universe, to take care of us so well, and to get me on a mission. i really could never fully express how grateful i am for you. i love you dad.

just know that i think about you always and that you are in my prayers constantly. the work is good. God is good. the plan is good. it´s all good. i hope things are better for the ward. last week i said i was going to study conversion and then that sunday we had an awesome clase con presidente pratt and he taught about conversion and testimony. i´ll send you a really neat scripture chain in the next few weeks.

growing in the spirit definitley does feel good. i just had the best feeling in the templo today. i wish you were there. guess what. i just remembered this…when i was in the temple, okay…this may sound crazy, but i felt like grandpa bain was there. it was pretty neat. i don´t know how to explain it.

anyway, i love you dad and i hope you have a fantastic week!!


hermana bain

hola mom,

i´m glad the letter got to ya! i just have so much i want to say and so little time! but thank you for the advice! i really needed to hear it and i loved it. i love you. seriously, you are so strong and beautiful in every way. i don´t know what i would do without you. well i wouldn´t be on a mission that´s for sure. i love hermana pellegrini so much! she is such a blessing but it is difficult to have a companion 24/7. but i am learning and your advice is gold. as we misioneros in méxico say, it “qualidad”.

hope jacob is getting better! sounds like a rough wipe out. if it makes him feel better, i biffed it in cage soccer the other day and have a nasty gash in my right elbow. it´s gonna be beautiful scar. and by beautiful i mean pretty bad. tha´t´s exciting you get to go to logan for thanksgiving! i am really gonna miss it this year. so i´m bracing myself and looking for the good. but i agree, it´s a great holiday. i´m looking forward to being in washington then!! in a couple of days i´ll be there!! woohoo!! i think we leave this coming tuesday which means that i´ll get to email the day before. i was hoping i would get to call during our layover but i don´t think misioneros in méxico get to do that.

i spoke on sunday! it was about…well, i can´t remember…but i wrote it that morning (bad idea) and didn´t have time to translate it into españ i prayed harder than i have prayed. i don´t know what i said or what went down but i sat down and felt sick. i screwed up and didn´t say what i wanted to say and i was so mad with myself. this went on for the rest of the meeting. then i was thinking about it more and i prayed some more. not even joking you, that morning hermana pratt gave a beautiful lesson and during her lesson she said that when we feel like that we are listening to the wrong source. she gave her lesson and then less than an hour later i was feeling this! so i calmed down and said a prayer of gratitude. the point of that story is sometimes…or like every single second of every single day…satan wants to trip us up. but we have the power to overcome because of Jesucristo and we can choose to be stronger than him. but it lies within each of us to do so.

another quick experience from lunes: hermana pellegrini and i were going to teach jorge about the commandments. this is probably our trickiest lesson but we had a general idea and prayed real hard. we definitely were relying on the spirit. okay, so we went in and we talking to him and i was asking a few questions, if he had been reading el libro de mormón y if he had been praying. after asking a few more questions he said his life was the same as it was before and nothing had really changed. meaning, things weren´t bad but they weren´t good. i honestly don´t know what i said. but i vaguely remember saying something about becoming converted. so our lesson didn´t go at all as planned but it was what it needed to be. i hope. it´s ironic because i was just thinking that our investigadors are too easy…they don´t ask real tough questions and everything in their life es bueno. so we are focing on showing them how much they really need God in their lives. that´s there more to life than just coasting. i´m grateful for my experiences here!!

alright, so i think it was on wednesday but we were practicing teaching and i was the investigador. i was asking the misioneros why i needed to be mormón if there were so many other great churches that taught good things too. elder gardner and elder scott bore such simple, beautiful testimonies that no joke i was in tears. it was powerful and they answered my prayers! i wish i had time for more details but the point is God is good, testify simply but sincerely and prayers are answered.

basically i love the gospel with my whole soul. todo mi alma. the scriptures are legit. serious. hermana pellegrini and i read alma 32 together yesterday. qualidad. you should read it again!! we both started with questions and we both got answers. we read the same chapter together, talked about the same things but got specific answers. it´s true. love it.

well i hope you have a great week mom! i love you so much and yoú´re always on my mind! keep smiling


hermana bain


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