November 25, 2013

i am serving in bellingham washington so we are basically on the border. there are only a few areas north of us. i love this area, it’s gorgeous!! it’s super chilly (definitely not mexico) but it’s fantastic. man, i don’t even know where to start!! i’ve met a couple of the ward members and they are wonderful! everyone has such an amazing story and background and i love how the gospel ties us all together in one way or another. okay, just so you know my concept of time is super wharped and so i may possibly jump around from day to day because it’s all one big blur to me. 
we’ve had some training meeting and such, oh…my companion is beautiful and i love her!! her name is hermana taylor. she is from holiday ut and is waiting for her visa to labor in argentina but God knew that i needed her here so she’s been waiting here for eight months for me to catch up so that she can train me. she’s wonderful, has a strong testimony and loves this gospel. man, i can’t even tell you what a blessing she is in my life right now. 
so guess what??!! elder bednar was here this weekend! woohoo!!!!!! he spoke to the missionaries in everett which was the coolest opportunity and blessing. we thought that he was going to speak but he switched it up and let us interact. i learned so much!! then we were spoiled and got to hear him again yesterday at church. he came to the stake that we are serving in! he is a powerful speaker and the spirit testified to me that he a servant of the Lord (duh…hermana bain…) but it was super neat. he basically gave the first lesson but it was very simple and direct. i loved it. 
last night we put a woman and her son on date for baptism right before christmas. it was electrifying!! then we took out all of her alcohol and invited her to pray and read out of the book of mormon. i. love. being. a missionary. words cannot describe the change that is taking over me. only God can do this. but i am super excited for her and i am looking forward to teaching her more. oh, on saturday right before we went to hear elder bednar we had a baptism which was super neat. it wasn’t a convert baptism because she’s eight but the missionaries taught her the lessons and it was a beautiful baptism. 
we have a lot of diverse investigadors. basically every race. it’s super neat and i love every one of them. i am learning so much and i have so much more to learn!! but life is good. 
i am so grateful for the knowledge that God lives. and he does. i know that God is our loving Heavenly Father. it’s very simple and very basic but until we know that for sure we can’t really build our foundation of knowledge until we understand this fundamental. so i am grateful for the opportunity i have to share this with everyone that i meet. 
so we are in an area where we teach in english and in spanish. i am grateful for this even though i want to speak more spanish because it’s helping me build a good solid foundation in english that i can then build in spanish. i need to learn the basics first. 
well i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!! we have dinner planned with a family in the ward and they are inviting a hispanic family over so i am stoked. it’ll be hard not to be with you but just know that i am thankful for you and for this beautiful opportunity. i am thankful for the book of mormon. what a neat teaching tool. it is how we communicate with God. i am grateful for you examples and support. i love you so so much!! happy thanks-living!! 
ps. there are a billion and a half things that i forgot to tell you but times up and we have a busy day
pps. i love you
God be with you

One thought on “November 25, 2013

  1. Wow. You are really being a a great missionary! (But I knew you would be). The people will love you, you will relate to them so well. Thanks for being a missionary. Our family was here for Thanksgiving and we had a great day. Families are everything. That is one reason missionary work is so important. When you are down and have not so enthusiastic days, remember that we are all praying for you and love you. Thanks for sharing your mission with us. Love, Arlene

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