December 2, 2013

Hey y’all

i love hearing from you! this morning we went to the store because at the first of each month a member in our stake gives the missionaries 20 dollars to go shopping so that was super sweet but honestly i was so focused on getting the family history center to email home!! (i’m very grateful for the $20 though..don’t get me wrong!) but i love hearing from all of you and reading your testimonies whether you specifically state it or not. i love that the gospel can be in everything we do. even an email.

thanksgiving sounds like a success! i love that. this time of year is so beautiful! there are a lot of apartments around here so tracting is super fun and i love seeing all the holiday wreaths and snowman door mats. grandma and grandpa’s garage sounds like it’s coming along great! i’m sure that makes them super happy, they sure have worked hard on it.

we had the opportunity to spend thanksgiving with the parise family. he is the ward mission leader and does a wonderful job. she is from mexico so this was her first time attempting a thanksgiving meal and it was perfect! it definitely reminded me of home. it was kinda weird not being home and not even able to call home but it made me appreciate family dinners and helped me realize how much i love the holidays with all y’all.

mom, i’m glad that you had a good birthday! we sang to you just so you know. it was beautiful too. i agree with keauna, you are definitely the most courageous angel i have ever met so i love that quote. i can’t believe it’s already december though! how did that happen?? hey tyler, happy birthday on thursday!! (it’s on thursday right? i may just be going crazy but i’m pretty sure it’s coming up at least.) point is, i hope you have the best birthday ever!

mom, i love what you said about having to have faith that he would come. we do have the scriptures that tell us that he came but they just had the words of prophets and their own faith. faith is important -it’s what gets us from a to b. it’s an action. one woman that we are working with has a lot of faith. she doesn’t know exactly how to make the changes she needs in her life to live in harmony with her Savior but she’s acting on what we teach her and she’s growing. i love the transformation we go through when we allow the gospel to work in us. it’s changing my perspective.

it’s interesting how different each person that we meet is. all of our investigadors are so different and have such unique backgrounds but they all have needs. the gospel can fill those needs. it’s all so simple but requires faith. something that i have learned is that the Lord works miracles but he allows us to exercise our faith -no matter how small- to bring about those miracles. we have to start somewhere. from that somewhere the Lord can take us anywhere. but it isn’t by chance that we end up where we do. there is a plan. i don’t think that it’s just luck that got me on a mission, i don’t think that hermana taylor just happened to be serving here in washington instead of argentina when i got here (she’s a visa waiter. i may not have mentioned that, but this wasn’t her original mission but she’s stellar and has a lot of faith. i love her!) i don’t think that our investigadors just let us into their home for fun, and i’m not a fan of the word “coincidence”.

we’ve met some amazing people and i know it wasn’t by change. i am so grateful for this opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father. there is a lot of work to be done! and i sure do love to work. i love finding, i love studying, i love teaching, i love it all! we have four investigadores (i’m sorry i really don’t know how to spell that in english) on date so we’re happy misioneras!!

there is a scripture in doctrine and covenants that says there are people who are waiting for the fullness and the light but they just don’t know where to look. we have the answers! we gotta help them! there are so many opportunities all around us if we just look. i was reading in matthew this morning and read that as word got out about the miracles Jesus was performing people began to seek him. but the wording is beautiful because it doesn’t say that the sick ran after him. it says that “they” brought their sick unto him. that’s us! we are called to bring the sick to him. to help them find him and know WHERE to look.

we find him in the primary answers. it’s simple. he’s in the scriptures -that’s what they are there for! to testify of him! he’s in the temple -it’s not just a building. he’s in a smile, the words of the prophets, and should be in our thoughts and hearts.

i love this time of year! i know i already said that but i love that we can focus on him more. hermana taylor and i talk about how much we love holidays  because we love to celebrate! and we have every reason in the world to celebrate because of the Savior! woohoo! man, i love this gospel so much. i wish i could really tell you how much the gospel means to me but i suppose the best way to do that is in my actions. i know that i am not perfect. i have weaknesses and faults. i make mistakes and fall short. but because of the atonement and my Redeemer Jesus Christ i sure do try to be better everyday.

thank you for being such a strength to me. i love you.


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