December 9, 2013

hey all,

this week went quick! i don’t even really know where to start… this week we had a really neat zone conference and i saw elder lemon who worked at lee’s too and elder davis from our stake who said he’s going back home to sandy soon! 

man, i just really don’t know where to start. so i guess because i am a missionary i will tell you what i do know. 

1. i know that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father. we have met some interesting people. they have very different lives but we have something in common: a Father in Heaven who loves each of us in a way that i can’t comprehend. 

2. God loves us so much he has blessed us with families to love and grow. every person we have met has such a unique background and history and there are some people in some tight situations. but every person we have met says their family is the most important thing to them. most families aren’t perfect but they are perfect for each other. since i’ve been out here i’ve realized how important families really are. so i want you to know that i love you more than any email could ever give it justice. i know that families are sacred to God and central to the plan of happiness. you are my happiness!! 

3. we have a living prophet of God on the earth today who continually speaks to God on our behalf. president thomas s. monson is the prophet the Lord has called and i love studying his words and his messages because i know they are from a loving Heavenly Father. 

4. i know that the book of mormon is the word of God. it brings peace, comfort, guidance and strength. i have received answers to my prayers by studying the book of mormon. i have received a witness through the Holy Ghost that it is true. i love the book of mormon so much and i am so grateful that God loves us so much He gave us His light. 

5. i know that visiting teaching and home teaching is vital. it’s critical. it’s essential. it’s whatever word you want to use to show that it is important! it’s missionary work. it’s God’s work. God would physically go to each person in need but He sends us to do instead. i have seen miracles because of visiting teaching and i have also seen what happens when people aren’t visit taught. we are trying to get visiting teaching assignments right now to help boost the work. we are trying so hard to get the Lord’s investigadors to church. i don’t know why it’s so hard to get them to church but it is. it’s hard enough to get them to church but it’s a whole other story getting them to stay. that’s why visiting teaching is so important to our work! i could go on about visiting teaching and how important i know it is. mom, i just want you to know that i am so grateful that you are such a wonderful example to me because you visit teach. thank you thank you thank you. if i don’t get any baptisms out here, if all i get out of this mission is one thing to take home with me i hope it is this: a commitment to always visit teach no matter what. okay i’m done now. (and just so you don’t worry..i’m getting so much more than just one me)

6. i know that the things count. primary answers. that’s the key people. keep it simple and you’re set

7. i know that church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints is the Lord’s church and has the restored gospel in it’s fullness. i’m gonna be a missionary and i’m gonna say it…but…IT’S TRUE!! i love this gospel. so much. 🙂

by the way, how was the christmas devotional? what did you learn? i wish we had time to see it but i’m sure we’ll see it eventually. i love this time of year! i love Jesus Christ! i love giving service! i love the sunshine! oh! tender mercy! remember how i was worried i wouldn’t see the sun for 18 months?? well there have been so many sunny days here!! woohoo! it’s beautiful! God is good

well i hope you have a better week! hang in there. i love you so much mom! i love you dad! i love you jacob! i love you grant! i love you bryson! i love you keauna!

ps. did you get the camera? there is a picture of a parrot for bryson. it almost killed me to get that picture so enjoy it! jaja

pps. while i am thinking about it could i get grandma dalton’s address and email (if she has one jaja) i also have a letter for my friend anna isle but i realized that i don’t have her address so it’s been a little tricky to get it to her. 

dear krisha: hey! good luck getting packed and ready to go! it’s super close and i am super excited for you!! woohoo! i love you!  

God be with you


hermana bain


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