December 16, 2013

Excerpt from letter to dad.

1. we wake up at 6:30 and exercise until 7:00ish. eat breakfast and get ready. 8:00 is personal study and 9:00 is companionship study. 10:00 we usually do training and then 11:00 is language which means lunch is at noon. then we teach and proselyte and find and contact and spread the world. we have dinner at 6:00 and the members here feed us so well!! we have had a member almost every night that i’ve been here! then we either teach some more or tract until 9:00. then we plan and do numbers, get ready and lights out at 10:30. obviously everyday is different because life seems to be a snow globe and we get all shaken up ya know? jaja but it’s all good. this week we had a bunch of service calls which was super neat. sometimes we are in the middle of study or tracting and we get a call to help someone move or clean or do dishes so off we go! it’s been super great and i hope that i can keep up the missionary schedule -i feel so great.

2. right now we have a car! it’s a blessing! we keep track of miles and wash it every week and because i’m the greenie i get to stand outside and back up my companion so she doesn’t run into anything. it’s kinda goofy but we make it fun!

3. i’m in bellingham, east of i-5. we don’t have any of the islands (that i know of). i actually have some big news! i’m being transferred tomorrow but i don’t know where. hermana taylor (mi companera) finally got her visa so she’s on her way to argentina!! we are super excited for her but i’m sad to see her go. we’ve had a good time. but the Lord needs her in neuquen (which is almost antartica). but we don’t know where i’m going to yet.

4. we are teaching a woman and her three kids. they are fantastic! she is an amazing woman! she came to church on sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it. then there’s another investigator. she’s great! very interesting…but great. she’s read the book of mormon and has come to church. we’ve struggled teaching her the importance of the word of wisdom. elizabeth came to church too!!!!!!!! and she is reading the book of mormon and has had some really neat questions about it. there is another family from fiji and a woman from mexico too -therosita is great! she is a jehovah’s witness and we teach her en espanol!! the other day i recited the first vision in spanish!! it was electrifying and i love that woman. we also do a lot of less active work which is great! at first, i was just thinkin “come on people! suck it up and get to church!!” but i’ve seen how important all of this work truly is. it’s important for us to teach but to teach clearly and help it stick so that it sticks with them. i’m super frustrated that i have to leave -leaving melissa especially is hard. but i know that God has a plan and there is a reason for everything. we are not the ones that will convert them, the Lord is so it will all work in his time. i trust him. i just love them all.

5. the teaching is coming along. some people just think that we are there to be friends…which we are! but we are there to teach and invite as well and so helping them know our purpose can be tricky sometimes. but i’ve definitely made some great friends! (dad, there are some interesting people here too. and there’s lots of coffee and lots of weed -don’t do drugs!! please!!).

6. we get so much food! i’m pretty sure i’m gonna gain so much weight but we don’t have enough time to exercise for the amount of food we are fed! but it’s a blessing that the members are so willing. jaja there’s one couple from tonga that we visit and they say they don’t need to go to church if they feed the missionaries -that it’s all the same. we’re working with them.

7. when we do feed ourselves for lunch and breakfast we eat salads, cereal, oatmeal…ya know. we really do try to eat healthy but we keep getting treats and cookies and not so healthy food. but we are super grateful don’t get me wrong!!

Excerpt from letter to mom.

so here are just a couple of thoughts from this week: -God is the man with a plan. i was telling dad that life is like a snow globe. right when the glitter settles and we gets all comfortable again it all seems to get shaken up again. with the right perspective those can be the prettiest times with the most sparkle.

transfers are on the 31st of this month so i’ve got an early move i guess. i don’t know why the glitter settles like this but i do know that there is a reason. and i’m super excited to find it! -i love being a missionary. the other day (all of my days blur into one long one and i have no concept of time anymore) we were helping a woman clean here home and i walked into the living room and her four year old son said, “oh, hello missionary” and i couldn’t help but smile because that’s the best thing anyone could say!

and then in church during sunday school brother parise was talking about the second coming and how important it is that we are preparing ourselves and those around us. someone mentioned that we need to invite our friends to meet with the missionaries and i realized, “hey..that’s me!” i feel like i have learned more about my savior on my mission than ever before! love it -a woman we are teaching went to pick up her kids from day care and found out that someone had bought about fifty million presents for her and her kids! they got so many meals too!! it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen and the first thing she said was, “ladies, i need to go to church to show God how grateful i am”. and i was thinking, “if that’s all it took to get you to come to church i would have done this forever ago!” jaja but it was really neat to see her recognize God in her life. it’s super easy to get caught up in the every day things, even on a mission, and lose that focus on Christ. he is our reason for the season and should be the center of our lives. it’s just as important to recognize that he is in our lives daily if we just look.

– the other day, we were tracting at some apartment buildings and a man opened the door. he looked at us funny while we were trying to talk to him and said, “so what are you selling?” and we said “nothing! we just want to share this with you” and said, “yeah, but you have the bible” and we were like, “but it’s actually the book of mormon, have you had the chance to read it?” and said, “i’ve read enough” and went off about moroni (he pronounced it wrong and added some profanity) then he laughed at us. we get laughed at a lot but we got the chills is was such a scary laugh and then he said, “you’re just wasting your time”. then he slammed the door shut. we were shocked and didn’t know what to say to that but then we were talking and realized that we are not wasting our time. there is nothing that i would rather be doing with my time! it’s worth it.

this week had a lot of service opportunities which was really neat 🙂 i love service 🙂 and we had three investigadores at church! woohoo! we were so happy i can’t even tell you. last night we were tracting and there wasn’t anyone around so we got talking about what changes our mission has had on us and really why we do what we do. it all comes down to this: we want to help others find the light of Christ. we serve we teach we love we sing we walk we find we invite we pray we live for Christ. everything we are is because we know Jesus Christ and we want this for others.

as missionaries we set goals. i have a lot of goals. a lot. but to reach those goals we have to be willing to sacrifice for those righteous goals. sacrifice time, pride, sins, basically all that we can to know Christ. “to be ready for christmas” 🙂 love that by the way.

well, i’ve been out for two months already! i don’t know where time goes but it goes quick! i’ve almost been in washington for a month already! i sure do miss you. and i love you more.

if you could post this somewhere:

anna isle! i need your address! and i love you 🙂 a lot

krisha!! best of luck this week! hurrah for israel!! i love you so much! make time count and serve like you mean it! see you in 18 months chica!!

much love from bellingham

love, hermana bain


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