December 23, 2013

Hello all,

i have so much running through my mind right now!

so i’m serving in the Marysville stake and our area is lake stevens. and…drum roll please…we’re serving in a 3-pack!! 3-pack, trio, muchas hermanas….whatever you want to call it, there are three of us! hermana Hansen is my trainer and i’m being trained with hermana maama tambien. they’re both in their 20’s and give me a hard time because i’m’s fun:) hermana maama is from reno and we were in mexico together so we’ve been here the same time. hermana Hansen is almost to her half mark and she’s from Idaho. they are great! it’s funny because all week they’ve just said over and over that if i had waited just a week later to show up they both would have ended up with black eyes and broken bones. but it’s all good and we have a good time!! man, they make me laugh so much! hermana maama is tongan and you just have to meet her…i love her so much! even though she threatens to hammer punch me and tells me i need to eat more. jaja

i am finally in a spanish branch!! woohoo! church yesterday was insane. the. whole. meeting. was. in. spanish. i loved it! i only understood about 53% of it but they have a strong spirit. it’s definitely different now though. before in Bellingham we could teach in English and in spanish but not we pass any English over to the other missionaries and we only look specifically for spanish…which is what i was assigned to do in the first place….but it’s still an adjustment. you’re right. transitions are hard. but progression doesn’t come easy. i’ve had to practice patience and flexibility for sure. and i’m pretty sure i have never prayed so hard in my life (or fallen asleep in so many prayers -i’m pretty exhausted at the end of the day) and we pray in spanish so i actually have to think. weird.

i loved your thought for the week! it really helped me out. honestly, you answered my prayer almost word for word in one part. Heavenly Father knew i needed that and the best part is that he knew i would need it from you mom. so how is christmas break going? are you ready to send them back to school yet? jaja i’m super excited to talk to you on christmas!!!!!!!!!!! so, we have a district meeting in the morning and we are planning to go over to a member’s home to Skype! so i’ll call the home phone around 2:00 on Wednesday if that’s cool. i’m sorry it’s so late and that messes up your plans to see june. (oh, make sure you tell her i say hello and that i miss her and love her). we don’t know how many computers they have so we may have to take turns but i can call you and figure it all out and that doesn’t count against our time.

sorry it’s not much this week, i’ll tell you more on Wednesday! things are all good though. we walked a ton this week because we had a car fast on wednesday and it “snowed” on thursday so they asked us not to drive because not everyone here knows how to drive in the “snow” jaja and i’m adjusting to the dark. it gets dark here around 4:00 but i hear in the summer it stays light longer through out the day which means tracting will be super great then! anyway, i love you so much! feliz navidad! i’ll TALK to you real soon!

much love from lake stevens

hermana bain


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