December 30, 2013


i loved my package. thank you thank you thank you. i’m glad that you had a good Christmas, gosh i miss y’all. i’m really glad to hear that the funeral went well. I’ve been thinking about grandma Dalton a lot lately. it’s cool because we taught the plan of salvation a lot this week. we taught blanca ya su esposo, jorge. it was a member present lesson which was gold and then they came to church!! woohoo!! jorge is a member but is less active and blanca and their nephew hugo are investigadores. we had another lesson planned for this coming tuesday but plans have changed. the Lord has big plans for lake stevens right now! can i get a drum roll please? ……ok. so. transfers are tomorrow and i get to stay in lake stevens con mis hermanas but….we…..get another companion tomorrow!!!!! woohoo!!! we’re 4-packing it! it’s ’bout to get cra-zy up here in wa for sure. basically we’re stoked. 😀

cool story, we were walking to an investigador y had to turn around because he wasn’t home (or he was ignoring us) and i crossed the street to talk to the girl on the other side. turns out shes super open to religion and wants to read the book of Mormon! en espanol! she’s latina!! she’s 17 so we invited her to think about it and talk to her parents. we have a lesson with her tonight so i’m pumped! then, on Saturday night we felt like we needed to go to a member’s home but they weren’t home. i figured there must be a reason that we were in that area so i asked las hermanas who was in that area because i still don’t know this place…they said there was a woman down the street so what did we do? we went down the street. now that i think about it, we never did see that woman, but we met her husband? point is the man who answered the door invited us back because he’s curious! his Spanish is super fast but we testified and invited and it was super neat. my Spanish stinks but i can say enough i guess. last night hermana maama and i took over the lesson with winslo and it felt good. i taught him how to pray and hma maama taught him the importance of prayer. then we explained how prayer is how we communicate with God and He communicates with us through the scriptures. last time we met with him we had invited him to read the introduction and the pamphlet but he hadn’t. at first, i was a little bugged -just read it already! but i figured that we must not have taught it thoroughly so we taught it differently and testified that prayer and studying the word of God is key. i love teaching winslo because the spirit is so strong -he’s ready. he’s just gotta realize that himself.

we try to be super obedient because obedient missionaries see miracles! the Lord led us to some solid potentials and i’m lovin’ it. we have some sweet goals this week and have plans to make ’em happen! we’re gonna get lake stevens baptized!! woohoo!! there is something that i am forgetting to tell you….but i’m out of tiempo…so i’ll write it down…and….i’ll let you know. oh, and i promise i have been taking pictures…but….i….might have forgotten the camera at the casa…where i left it to remember to take it with me….so…..i’m really sorry and i’ll repent and next week will have lots and lots of pictures!! please forgive me!! i love you so so much!

the church is true so go to church!

con amor en lake stevens,

hermana bain


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