January 6, 2014

hey all!

happy new years! we were able to have dinner with an awesome family! we have these dinner doctrine cards for when we go to member homes. they can pick a doctrine for us to teach and it’s fun for us and helps us tone our teaching skills. i love it! and i appreciate the updates. how is the basement looking? how is your new calling?! that’s crazy mom! i’m super excited for you! primary is fantastic and i really believe that if you want to understand the gospel better…ya just go to primary. i bet that keeps you super busy but knowing you that’s old news. it’s just what you do best 🙂

okay. so. 4-pack

well, basically it’s one huge blessing. i would say that it’s like a salad. a bunch of little blessings tossed into a bowl. yep. that’s how i would put it. not my first meal choice because it sounds green and healthy but once you start eating it you realize how much you love it. my point is…there are a lot of benefits to a 4-pack. we are still working out the kinks but what works so far is having two sisters go one way and the other two the other way. we get double the work done and cover a lot more ground in the same amount of time. it’s pretty efficient. this does mean though that we have to be very thorough in our planning. -figuring out where the car goes, keeping track of miles, where we’ve been tracting, who goes where and when. we don’t have set comps if that makes sense. we’re just all companions and so one day i’ll go tracting with hermana maama and then i’ll go to a lesson with hermana lyman and if there’s time i’ll street contact with hermana hansen. and sometimes we’re with the same person all day just depending on the most efficient strategy. it gets pretty crazy when there’s four of us 🙂 jaja.

i know that we have a loving Heavenly Father. he knows us perfectly and he understands our needs. i know that he is very involved in our lives. i know that Heavenly Father knew what would help me grow and progress. and he blessed me with the greatest companion this week. hermana lyman -she’s the one from blanding, ut and we went to the temple together before we left on our missions and she came to my farewell!!- is a powerful missionary and i really can’t express what a blessing she is. i really do believe that miracles will happen in lake stevens because of her. le quiero mucho

the other day she shared something with me that she had learned. i can’t remember if it was a book she read or a talk or the scriptures but…she talked about Christ’s atonement. he was crucified on friday and the earth shook. the skies were dark and the earth groaned. but on the third day he rose again. what she told me was that we all have our fridays. we have our dark skies. but sunday will always come. there will always be a sunday morning when the Son comes again. he will come.

one more thought…I’ve been thinking about how i can learn Spanish better. i’m not discouraged but Spanish is hard. it’s kinda tricky because we’re not immersed in it. but if i’m gonna learn Spanish i have to practice. i have to use it. and it’s the same principle with “God’s language”. he communicates in love, encouragement, patience, humility-he speaks through the spirit. so i’m thinkin’ that if i want to communicate like my savior i have to practice and use it.

i have a lot to be thankful for and so many reasons to smile! i’m thankful for an understanding Savior who has been patient with me and strengthens me when i am weak. i am thankful for hope. ether 12:4 and i am thankful for the sunshine. i am super thankful for that wool coat you found at burlington coat factory? -it is so warm and i love it. i am thankful for the opportunities i had this week to testify. these are just a few things off the top 🙂

so dad asked about some of the people that we’re teaching and some of the ways that we find. there’s one woman who is super neat and she’s super ready. it’s just a little tricky because she and her partner? both have to get divorced to their first spouses so that they can get remarried before she is baptized. she’s awesome! we’re teaching a man who has a lot of questions which is perfect! i love when they ask questions! sometimes it seems like he just wants to get us irritated but i really do think he is genuinely interested which is neat! i wish i had time to tell you about all of them! the hardest part is getting them to read and go to church-basically the really important stuff. that’s when i say that agency is the worst best thing ever.

we haven’t gotten to crazy with our finding yet but that’s something that we can work on and i’ll follow up with you on that. we just talk to everyone we see. even if they are across the street. or i have to talk to them through their window…we love what we do and we will do whatever we can to spread the word.

thanks for all you do. i sure do love you. i hope you have a wonderful week, good luck and keep smiling.

con amor,

hermana bain



2 thoughts on “January 6, 2014

  1. Dear Sister Bain, I absolutely love reading your emails. You are one amazing missionary! Keep up the excellent work sharing your beautiful testimony! You are helping so many there in Washington, and so many here in our ward. Thank you for sharing so much. Love, Sister Frome

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