January 6, 2014

hola all!
i got an email from grandma and it made me really happy ūüôā sounds like everyone is super busy! we had a pretty busy week and i think we’re all feeling it! every night we hit our pillows are out because we’re kind of exhausted. that’s how we like it though. there’s so much work and finding to do! and we have been so blessed to have the energy that we need to get work done. i love being in a 4-pack because we get so much done! this week was neat and we felt the powers of heaven strengthening each of us and blessing this area. mom, words can’t explain how beautiful it is here. we got suuupppperrrr wet this week but if you want the truth…it was a blast! jaja
this week i had so many reasons to smile. we had some sweet lessons and met a couple of solid potentials. it’s disappointing to have so many people say they will come to church and not. one. person. shows. but we can smile because now we know what we can improve and it will be that much sweeter when they do come.¬†we used to say that¬†we love the rain because it made¬†us appreciate the sunny days so much more. now we say, “what rain?” jaja but really, there is opposition in all things so that we can understand all things.
so i’m running out of time…perdon…but really quick i want to share some of the tender mercies i have been blessed with.
1. hermana hansen is a good misionera. she is always trying to improve and i love that she has so many good things to say. at first i didn’t really click with her but things are so good because we are open with each other -or that’s how i feel at least- and i’m learning to love her just because she’s her. she really is super stellar and i am grateful for her.
2. hermana maama makes the work fun. she has a simple, powerful testimony -she keeps it real. something that i really love about her is that she sees people for who they are and not what they do. i admire how well she treats others. she definitely can joke around but it’s easy to see that it’s because she loves everyone unconditionally.
3. hermana lyman is a blessing. if i had to describe her in one word, i would probably say grace. for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that i admire how she presents herself with grace. i wish you could she teach presidente. she’s a powerful misionera and miracles are going to happen. something she’s taught me is to appreciate the little things. truth is, she’s taught me a lot already.
4. it rains in wa. i don’t know how to explain it but i feel like someone’s holding an umbrella over us. we get wet for sure. but it’s a nice thought
5. we try to be obedient (which is why this is going to be short) so we seriously have been so blessed.
the work is hard so we work hard. i have been stretched in ways that i didn’t know i could stretch -i was kinda sore at first (spiritually) but now i’m a little stronger and more flexible. all i¬†have to say is, “bring it on”. i’m super excited for this up coming week and we have some solid goals and the faith and hope to¬†accomplish them. i love you so much and i pray for you always! “we can do this”!!
ps. how is the calling going?? who do you serve with??
pps. you’re beautiful
don’t forget that
te quiero mucho!
much love from lake stevens,
hermana bain

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