January 6, 2014 – Letter to Dad

I thought I would share this.

hey dad

it’s funny cause i can testify all week and never shed a tear but when i read yours and moms emails i cry like a goob. but it’s all good πŸ™‚

sound like a good week! that’s exciting to hear about cj’s and richard’s court of honor! i wish i could have seen jacob and grant doing the flag ceremony! that’s super neat. i’m kinda really jealous that you got to see the delahunty’s! they are wonderful and fabulous and it was such a blessing to have them there. i really never was nervous to get there or anything because i knew they were there. i sure do love them! i love that you’re proud of me. or pleased with me…either way πŸ˜‰ jaja i’m just grateful that i have such an amazing family and friends who inspires me and encourages me to never quit. to just keep pushing through because it will all be worth it.

so the work is progressing i think πŸ™‚ jaja but seriously it’s good. it tricky to work with my investigators because i feel the majority of them are just people pleasers but hey…aren’t we all. it’s actually inspired me not to be that way. just to be real with people. i love honesty. i love that we can be honest and do it in a way that doesn’t offend or criticize. there’s a fine line but with the spirit, anything is possible. verdad? we have this one investigator, he asks a lot of questions which is super awesome but sometimes comes across as trying to just trip us up. two of my comps are super frustrated with him and refuse to teach him. i’m just stubborn and it’s against my nature to quit so i refuse to give up on him. he’s in our area, he’s keeping most of his commitments, and we have a responsibility so i’m going to teach him. the trouble is my spanish is not to par with his slang so it’s hard to convey my thoughts most of the time. i know enough to communicate and understand him but my comps made a good point that it might be better for the elders to teach him and they will be able to talk more. i think it’s just my pride that’s in the way. i’ve also had a hard time understanding why people will tell us that will come to church and then they don’t come to church. so this week i am going to find a new way to teach that principle and make sure that they really understand how important going to church is. i think we need to find a better way of teaching how and why we keep the sabbath day holy. i also really liked what you told me to do. to teach so that they know who their savior is. that’s my purpose. it’s just so easy to forget sometimes even though it’s all i do everyday all day.

i am doing a lot better. i’ll be honest, it was hard. dad, i don’t quit but man i sure was playing with the idea. but there were countless tender mercies this week and i have seen the strength of the Lord in my life every. single. day. no. joke. bryson must have been praying for me this week because i sure felt something extra and words can’t express how much i needed that. i am growing in ways that really were never possible until i saw the kind of relationship i want my with my savior Jesus Christ. something that i have been trying to do is keep a list of the common ground i find with my comps and the things that i love about them. at first i had to force myself with one of them but just like michelle said, “fake it til ya make it” …and it worked. this area really is so beautiful and i love it a little more every day. i feel so home and comfortable being in these trees and having the grey sky. it makes me appreciate the sun more and i see the stars clearer. the starts are beautiful here. no smog πŸ™‚ i really am happy here dad. i love the area and i love the people.

tenga un buen dia y muchisimas gracias por todos! te quiero mucho!

con amor,

hermana bain


One thought on “January 6, 2014 – Letter to Dad

  1. Oh how I love this letter. Poured out from her very soul. Yes, I’m still crying thinking of this amazing young woman and her stamina and faith and courage and everything good about her. She has passed a mark being able to see/admit things that she has struggled with and has gotten past them still strong and faithful. What a sweet heart! I sure do love her – and all of the Bains! Thanks for sharing. Patty Steadman Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 20:36:08 +0000 To: pattymha@hotmail.com

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