January 20, 2014

hola all!
i love you! sounds like things are busy and i am kinda super jealous you got to go to that museum and bain fam party! sounds super fun! but basically this week feels like one day. okay…maybe more like three days. but my point is, it went fast. we set some sweet goals and tried super hard to stick to them and for the most part it paid off. we had awesome lessons this week, honestly i don’t know how to describe it in words but the tricky part is getting them to church. these people work hard and they usually work more than one job so they never have time. and when they have time they are tired, which is understandable.
hermana maama and i are teaching a man who i feel is progressing but we need to find a better way to teach about the book of mormon so that he understands how important and wonderful it is. we were actually going to give him a drop talk because the other sisters feel he only wants to bash and ask questions to trip us up but i think that it’s a blessing that he asks questions. when we don’t ask questions we can’t learn and progress. it’s like the great apostasy…everyone stopped asking questions…and guess what happened. that’s kind of a dramatic example but you get my vibe right? anyway, tomas has really good questions and it’s a blessing to study them out to help him understand. we’re both learning. that drop talk turned into more of a “will you commit?” …and he did. satan is just working super hard on him right now, which is usually what happens. we have hope in him though.
the other day hermana lyman and i were walking in some pretty intense fog (it’s been super foggy all week. we basically walk through a lot of clouds so i don’t really try to do my hair any more) and we had the impression to go visit a potential. she answered the door which was a blessing because we had tried so many times but she seemed anxious to shut the door so i asked if we could just share a quick message that would only take five minutes. poor thing was super hesitant but she let us in. we gave the condensed version of the restoration and i think the first vision really hit home for her. we asked to end with a prayer. she was breast feeding so i told her she could stay put but i felt like we (lyman and i) should kneel. and she followed us. it was kinda cool. afterward, we could tell she had been wiping away tears and a missionary that is one of the greatest tender mercies because we know that the spirit had testified to her and that she felt it. they are trying to fix some things in their apartment so it will be tricky to visit her this week but i know that she is ready. she just doesn’t know it yet.
i think that the advice you gave me this week will be key for her. she needs to know that she is a precious daughter of God and that she can have a strong relationship with Him. i love that. that’s something i will work on this week. thanks for your thought by the way, i really appreciate it and it’s perfect for these investigadores. it’s perfect for everyone actually. i also want my companions to know it so that will be my secret mission this week. (insert dramatic wink)
i have had some neat experiences with prayer this week. one day hermana maama and i ended up on the navy base by our apartment and we got there and were thinking we had found the gold mine. we didn’t want to take away the english missionaries thunder so we were going to do some serious stereo-typing. the bright colors, cleaning supplies on the porch, the rims on the tires, a cross or guadelupe by the window, and double door mats…you know it’s spanish. but we stood on the corner and said a prayer, not the best place to pray, but we prayed. we looked at the first house -no, second house -no, third house…had frogs everywhere. what’s up with people putting frog statues everywhere? well we tried it because the frogs were intriguing and turns out a member family lives there! now you’re thinking “why is that good? they are already members! you’re supposed to find and teach those that aren’t…” yeah but mormons just have connections and love meeting other members you know? then we felt like we should ask if she knew if we were even supposed to be there since it’s military and she told us where to go to find out. turns out we can’t go door to door so it was awesome that the Lord led us to her so that we could obey the rules. not that it’s all typed out…it’s not that cool, but in the moment it was neat. jaja another experience was a lesson that hermana lyman and i had with maribel. she’s super sweet and i love her so much! we were going to teach the first lesson but we felt like we needed to focus on prayer. she just kept saying “que bonita, que bonita” and i think it’s what she needed.
this week i feel like we were definitely protected. i won’t go into details but i just noticed the presence of my Savior super strong this week and that’s a blessing.
today’s been sunny so i’m grateful for that and i am grateful for some d3. i’m grateful for my planner too. if i don’t write it down it doesn’t happen. i’m grateful for my district. we went bowling today and that was super fun! i love missionaries for sure. and i love when people stare at our name tags and think my first name in bain. and the only way they remember is if i say something about batman. that’s how hermana hansen introduces me: this is hermana bain. like, from batman. i’m grateful for s.m.a.r.t. goals (specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, time bound) and that they motivate me to work extra hard. i read a really neat talk by elder holland and i love that he counseled us to run hard because we can rest later. i can’t believe how fast this is going and i want to live every single minute to the fullest!
well i hope you have a super sunny week! that means i hope you have fun, you see God, feel His love, recognize reasons to smile, and get things done. i love you. thanks for being the best support, strength, best friend and comfort a sister missionary could ask for. i love you all to the moon and back times seven plus twelve multiplied by infinity point seven. k bye
helaman 3:35
much love from lake stevens,
hermana bain

ps. go seahawks!!


One thought on “January 20, 2014

  1. Dear Sister Bain, I love reading your emails. You are amazing! When you feel tired, discouraged, overwhelmed, etc., know that our family conversion is the result of missionaries who felt all of those things and decided to try one more street. My mother had been praying for days that she could find the truth for her children, and the missionaries found her! I love the missionaries! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. You are surely one of the best missionaries ever! So many people are praying for you, and feel blessed to know you! Love, Hermana Frome (I know zero Spanish, but I think that’s right!)

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