February 3, 2014

hola hola!

so we’re back to the 3pack for now, hermana lyman was transferred to be with a sister while her comp is recovering from a kidney infection. sounds like she is doing better which may mean that we get hermana lyman back 🙂 but just because we were short a missionary doesn’t mean we slowed down. it was super busy and i must say this week was pretty neat! we had interviews, a special conference, a crazy fun noche de hogar at a member’s home for the whole branch, and the seahawk’s won! all the missionaries needed to be inside their apartments by 6:00 because of the superbowl so we chilled with some hot chocolate and watched the testiments. then we got to watch some of the fireworks from our back porch 🙂

i love what you said about progression. i love that once we achieve a goal or a certain destination that we don’t have to just stop. we keep going. i read a talk by presidente uchtdorf this morning called “walking in circles” -super stellar- and he talks about this experiment a man tested to see if people really do walk in circles when they are lost. i don’t want to spoil it or anything…but turns out we do. if we don’t have landmarks to work towards we don’t really progress. you mentioned we have destinations and presidente uchtdorf backs that up doctrine that helps us stay on target. the landmarks he talks about are the scriptures and the counsel from general conference. i know that when we use these landmarks we will never get lost on our journey. this doesn’t mean that we will always have perfect weather, or never have tough territory to cross but with the training and preparation that the gospel of Jesus Christ provides, we will make it and as crazy as this seems…we may even enjoy the ride. 2 nephi 2:25. and i hear there’s a killer view. so don’t give up. refuse to be discouraged. that sure would make satan tremble and i promise that God will always give you strength. just don’t be afraid to ask. it’s okay to ask for help.

so i’ve been thinking about what makes a good missionary and presidente Bonham said it perfectly and what it comes down to is this: it’s actually quite simple

1. be obedient (make it our quest)

2. work hard (diligent missionaries see miracles)

3. love the people (they’re the reason we’re here) love given, gives love and then love grows

4. follow preach my gospel (it’s inspired…love it!)

and what’s awesome is that you don’t have to be a full time missionary for this to work! it’s beautiful.

my invitation this week is for you to pay special attention to the promptings of the spirit. 1 nephi 4:6 sometimes we won’t know it’s the spirit until afterwards and that’s okay, the point is that it was the spirit. and if it was good..it’s of God. once you act and demonstrate that faith, the spirit will testify to you. we went to a potential investigator’s home and her daughter answered the door and said she wasn’t home so my companions thanked her and started to leave but i just asked her what her name was. we were on a tight schedule so i thought we should be leaving but i just kept talking to her. it wasn’t until we did leave that i realized she just needed someone to talk to for a minute. i will never know how it effected her but it recommitted me to being more receptive of the spirit. we always need those little reminders you know? love it.

well i hope you have a sunny week! it’s my last week of training!! transfers are next week so we’ll see what happens 🙂 i love you to the moon and back times infinity.

con mucho amor en lake stevens,

hermana bain


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