February 10, 2014

buenos dias!

so to describe my week i’ll just say what i believe.

i believe that everyday is precious. time goes too quick for us to wait to apologize, to wait to improve, to wait to say thank you, to wait to tell someone about Jesus Christ. there’s no better time than now. the holy ghost can inspire us to act. it’s important to keep in mind that God has His own time but He doesn’t need to tell us when to act. we should just do it. d&c 58:26-28

i believe in companionship inventory. in our zone meeting this past wednesday, one of the leaders bore his testimony and he said that there is something special about companionships. there is something special about unity. he talked about how God the Father and the Son -working so unified that most of the world can’t even see the difference between the two and think of them as the same person. that’s how unified and one they are. i’ve been through a lot with my companions. we’ve seen the best and the worst of each other. we are not perfect. we are still learning and growing but i wouldn’t have asked for better companions. they are beautiful. they are strong. they are powerful missionaries. and i love them.

i believe in a patient God. he understands our weaknesses. he knows our desires. he feels the frustrations and the joys that we feel. he wraps his arms around us as we plead to him in prayer. he stands by us as we knock on doors. i believe that there are things we just can’t control. but i believe that we can control how we react. how we act. and who we are. sometimes, it snows in washington (some wards were canceled) and we can’t use the car. we can’t control that. but that’s when you just find a ride and do whatever you are able to do. that’s when you put a smile on and maybe throw a snowball at your companion. or a couple of snowballs.

i believe that it is after the trial of our faith that testimony grows and blessings down pour. we went all transfer without helping one investigator come to church. it was frustrating. until yesterday. blanca and her spouse came to church! such a blessing. and she. is. on. date. words can’t fit our excitement! she’s getting baptized! our faith was tried but now the miracles are evident.

i believe in second chances. everyday is a new day. every sunday we can renew our covenants with God -with a clean slate. every six weeks we start a new transfer. ps. i’m done training! transfers are tomorrow and we get transfer calls today. we still don’t know who’s leaving and who’s staying! every time we turn to the Lord, come with a sincere heart, leave everything at His feet -every time- when can be forgiven. we can be clean. we can be new. if we are not where we want to be or where we need to be, we can get there. only through Jesus Christ.

i believe that to “hold fast” to the Lord we must “let go” of ourselves. let go of our sins, our grudges, our weapons of rebellion, our pride…we just gotta drop it. at the Savior’s feet. we even need to let go of our prejudice, our pre-notions, our talents -they’re really not ours anyways so why hold back??

i believe that every soul just needs a little love. so spread it out 🙂

fun fact: we just got the text…and….i’m being transferred! don’t know where yet, so i need to go pack. you know you’re a missionary when you live out of two suitcases and you’re ready to go. i’m super excited!! ahh!! but i love lake stevens and granite falls and cavalero and they just made a new ward (lundeen)!! oh well. i’ve learned you just go where the Lord calls. and you where a smile. always have a smile.

i love you so much. to the moon and back times infinity. no joke. have a sunny week okay??  

con mucho amor en lake stevens,

hermana bain



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