February 18, 2014

hola all!

i hope you enjoyed your president’s day! we email in the library now and it was closed for the holiday but we were able to get an hour today!
transfers are always exciting! the anticipation kills me sometimes but it’s all part of the fun and i love it. so i’m here in mt. vernon now! finally! for most spanish missionaries this is the promise land because there is large population of latinos around here. one part of our area has a trailer park and no. joke. there. is. a. spanish. speaking. family. in. every. one. it’s a beautiful thing and there is so much potential here! i am serving with hermana brunsdale who is from highland ut and just graduated from lone peak high. she’s so beautiful and sings like an angel and has been so great to work with! we were in the ccm together so we’ve been here the same amount of time and when we started this week it was a little overwhelming because we’re still learning, we’re not perfect missionaries yet and had to get used to things. but everything just takes time. we live with hermana lyman (woohoo!!) and herman wehmouth (who was also in mexico with us) so we’re all on the same page! those two are super lucky though and they get most of mt. vernon and are on bikes. to be honest…i’m super jealous…but we work in part of mt. vernon and then can drive up to sedro woolley. it’s great and i love it!

we serve in skagit branch and the members are gold. as usual. i just love that where ever you go it’s still gonna be the same gospel and that the Lord is always going to be constant. i love the members and i love this area so so much! the other day we were in the trailer park and we were teaching rosa lesson 3 about the gospel of Jesus Christ. carlos walked in and was excited because he used to go to boy scouts when he was younger and that he had been to the church before. we invited him to come again and he said that he would try but that if he didn’t make it we could stop by sometime. well, he didn’t make it so we stopped by that night but found dulce instead! she’s a senior in high school and is getting a feel for where she wants her life to go. i wish words could fully describe how neat she is! she asks beautiful questions and just has such a pure desire to know more. we love her. a lot. but we were thinking that it’s amazing God has a plan. and He allows people to cross our paths for a reason. i don’t think it was a coincidence that we met carlos while we were right next door teaching rosa. God knew that dulce is prepared and made it possible for us to find her. it has been such a blessing to know her.

we are also teaching another woman who wants to be baptized. her dad really wants her to be baptized. we really want her to be baptized. but everything has it’s time right? sometimes it’s hard to understand that timing especially since everything seems right. you’re probably wondering what could possibly be the “wrong time” to be baptized. i’m kinda wondering the same thing especially since she seems ready but because of certain circumstances she’ll be in jail for a couple of months and so we don’t want to rush a baptism in a week. so all we can do is prepare.

i just hope you know that i love you. i am grateful for you and i hope that you have a sunny week! it may not be perfect but at least it can be sunny.

te quiero con todo mi corazon

con amor en mt. vernon,
hermana bain


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