February 24, 2014

hola all!

i am super happy that you all had a sunny week! i love sunshine:) and i’m loving the rain too. did you know it rains in washington? it’s funny because sometimes we don’t even notice it’s raining anymore. we even got some snow!

but the weather report really isn’t all that important i guess. we found 5 new investigators this week and we found another apartment complex to tract which means that this place has a lot of potential. hermana brunsdale was able to go to a special conference and we’ve trying to perfect what she learned so that we can have more success in this area. these new techniques are neat because they are simple and involves the investigator more. we’ve seen some pretty cool miracles because of it. i know this isn’t news, but it’s true: the spirit is the real teacher folks. it’s too cool because people have started praying. people who wouldn’t pray before. it’s because they’re feeling the spirit and they want to. i love it. something we’ve learned this week is that our purpose as missionaries and our purpose as latter-saints is to access the atonement and to help others do so as well. think about it. everything we do is to feel the power of redeeming love that is given through the atonement. we pray, we read the scriptures, we go to church, we partake of the sacrament to renew covenants, we visit teach, we home teach, we serve…it goes on on but it all comes down to the atonement. we are here to help these precious souls prepare for ordinances that allow that access to the atonement. it’s beautiful.

want to know something that blew my mind? read 1 nephi chapter 1. yep. read it. and then compare it to the first vision. mind. blown.

well i hope you have a sunny week! i love you so so much and i am so grateful for you. i appreciate your emails and spiritual thoughts 🙂 i am super grateful for the packages and letters and i hope you know that i am sending 1,000,000,000.7 hugs home. right now.

love you to the moon and back! times infinity!

okay bye

con amor,

hermana bain


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