March 3, 2014

hola all!! 

sometimes i forget that i’m going to be 20 so it hasn’t really sunk in yet that it’s this week.
i’m super impressed that the boys know the articles of faith! seriously, that’s all we really need to know. just keep it to the basics. especially since they are eternal truths that are easy enough for all to understand. that’s something we are working on now actually. just keepin’ it simple. i try to remind myself to “keep it simple sister” 
we have some pretty neat investigators right now. one of them is manuel. he’s had an interesting life and is ready for a change. he’s been coming to church by himself. just because he wants to. so we’ve been teaching him and gave him a book of mormon yesterday at church. its’ amazing how much he has changed and how much the gospel can bless our lives if we allow it to. 
sounds like you have a fantastic theme for conference! there were a couple of things that i thought of when i read them so i’ll tell you real quick and you can decide if they help any:)
1.praying to specifically bring someone closer to the Savior is personified faith and love. i love that. we should always be praying for missionary opportunities and then looking for them. we even pray for them as missionaries. just because we’re missionaries doesn’t necessarily mean that these opportunities fall into our laps. in reality, these people are all around us. everyone needs to be closer to Christ. but we pray to be the Lord’s instrument and then act in faith to do what the Lord would do. when we act we show the Lord that we are willing to follow Him and the more we act the more the Lord can trust us. he will place us in their path or place someone in our path. something i’ve noticed is that the spirit isn’t going to whisper to us, “hurry over there and help them…they’re the one you prayed for”. but rather, you go and help as many people as you can. you teach everyone with love as the Savior would do, and then afterwards the spirit will confirm to you that a prayer was answered. after your faith, the testimony grows. now i realize that it would be tricky to go and help every. single. person. but when we live for the spirit’s companionship things fall into place. so we’ve been praying for a family to teach. we really want to teach a family because families are celestial. we were looking and looking and praying and finding but we weren’t sure where they were. well yesterday, we went to visit an investigator who is on date and she wasn’t there…but her dad was. so we taught him. he’s interested in learning more and i feel they really are looking for this even if they don’t realize it yet and he said we can come back. prayer answered. a family found. but the funny part is that we are knew about them…we were already teaching part of the family! so just act and then those prayers are answered. 
2. i love specific prayers. and so does the Lord. praying for people specifically and for their needs specifically adds power. miracles have happened and i testify that prayers are answered. 
3. the best kind of missionary work is when members invite their friends to activities or into their homes. our most solid investigators are ones referred to us from members. i promise. this way they feel comfortable, they feel welcome, they feel like they have a part in the ward family and that people want them there. Heavenly Father wants all of his children in the gospel and he brings them in through us. i mentioned manuel earlier. well, he was looking for a fresh start and a friend invited him to church. so he came and has been coming ever since. sometimes missionaries say goofy things and our quote this transfer has become “well…you could ask him” (long story) but it’s true. you could just ask them. it’s just an invitation. and everything we do is to come closer to God and have access to the atonement. 
well i hope you have a sunny week!! good luck with everything and keep on keeping on 🙂
love you to the moon and back times infinity! 
con amor,
hermana bain
mosiah 16:9
He is the alight and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.

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