March 10, 2014

hola all! 

sounds like stake conference was amazing! i did get that email from pres. higgs and i meant to do it…but mondays really are a blur.  if i were to do it i would have said that the best way for members to help the missionaries would be to be missionaries. we love referrals from the members because then they already have fellow-shippers and they already have a friend in the diamond business…i mean they have a friend in the ward. 😉 it’s like this: the members are the full time finders and the missionaries are the full time teachers. just like you said. we also love when members come with us to lessons. there is a special spirit when the members bear simple testimony of the truths that the spirit has taught them personally. we also understand that people have lives and get busy i guess. but if there’s a day or a time that you could help…just let the missionaries know and i’m pretty sure they would be more than happy to have you along. 

thank you so much for the birthday package by the way! basically i was the happiest missionary alive. there is a recent convert in the branch who has the same birthday so we shared the chocolate donut goodness. so good. let’s see…this week we had a spanish zone conference (super stellar), a special leadership meeting (i was so blessed to be able to attend), and a wedding! (when i get married, it’s going to be very simple. yep. very simple.) the hermanas on bike had two investigators getting married so that they can be baptized. probably one of the most stressful days of my life. but. if we are faithful, the Lord always follows through. we set up, got a call that there was a stake dance. what? so we hurried and switched things around and moved to the primary room. the ceremony was moved to the chapel..which ended up so much more beautiful. it was perfect. there are moments in life when time just seems to freeze and things just stand still. i can’t explain how wonderful that moment was. they were so happy. and the best part is that it’s not just going to be past tense. the moment is still wonderful. and they ARE so happy. the gospel does that. it lasts and it’s pure. i love it. i think the hermanas are happy the wedding is over, but now they are preparing them for baptism so it’s all worth it. 

well, i knew that a mission was going to teach me how to budget but i didn’t expect to have to learn how to budget miles. we get a certain number of miles in the car so we have to use our resources wisely and be selective of where we go and when. it’s a pretty useful skill i suppose and we’re learning little by little. we plan things out and make sure we go the most direct way possible. the same principles apply to what we like to call the plan of happiness. we’re here to learn and grow and progress right? while we’re journeying we take certain steps to draw closer to our Heavenly Father. there’s a road map. gps. land marks. resources. the works. sometimes we detour, we brake down, it rains, life happens but we need to enjoy the ride. i was getting somewhere with that but i have to go now…so…i hope you have a super sunny week and that you always remember that i love you to the moon and back times infinity! 

 con amor,

hermana bain


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