March 17, 2014

hola all!

i’m glad the leadership meeting went well too! sounds like your suggestion came right out of preach my gospel 🙂 that’s what we do during weekly planning for every investigator. they are specific people who have specific needs and they deserve specific focus and help. you’ll see the blessings! i promise.

so one of our investigators is friends with another one of our investigators and they both came to a church tour on thursday. woohoo! it was a stellar experience. we invited a recent convert to come along with us and let me tell you…she has a beautiful, strong testimony, there are not words sufficient for how powerful the spirit is when someone bears pure, simple testimony -eternal truths.

neither of them were able to come to church yesterday but i’m sure they will next week. exercising faith can be scary. stepping into the dark can be terrifying. but there is light promised. promised to us by the almighty. a perfect God. a God of light. we can take that step into the dark because we are destined to overcome. it’s in our dna.

well i sure do love you tons and i hope you have a sunny week!!

con amor,
hermana bain


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