March 31, 2014

hola all!

sounds like a busy weekend! they usually fly by too ๐Ÿ™‚ we try all week to teach and invite and get people to church. sunday mornings are suspenseful. we see who comes to church and figure out how we can be better. it’s really nice to have the gospel and the sacrament compensate for the disappointment when no one shows. there is just something about being in the church building with other people who are just as imperfect and in need of the atonement, all there to worship the Almighty. it’s too cool. it just blows my mind that these people won’t find out for themselves. if they would just come! but i respect agency. i am grateful for it. and i hope that it will mean more to them when they finally do come to church and can feel the spirit in the members, the ordinances, and the chapel.

things have been looking sunny and getting better. you’re right. we can do hard things.

happy conference week! woohoo! go team! really i can’t say how excited i am for general conference. it’s gettin real. just thinking about it makes me want to dance! man, i might pass out. this is just too cool. get really y’all because we have a very important weekend ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

i am grateful for this time because it’s helping me realize that i need a savior and that i definitely need his grace. that’s such a beautiful word isn’t it? grace. i really might name my daughter grace because my mission has taught me so much about the significance of this word. i still have a lot to learn of course so i guess i’ll buckle up.

i’m excited you got to go to the conference! i probably saw you when they showed everyone in the conference center. it was such a good conference! it’s such a blessing to be a woman in the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints knowing that we have made divine covenants and have the strength and capacity to serve as daughters of the covenant. as daughters of the King. what a blessing!

so i’ll keep my eye out for the letters and i am super thrilled to get them!! it’s like getting a piece of home so missionaries get stoked for mail time. we can print here at the library but it costs.

well i hope you have a super sunny week! i love you so much. thank you for all that you do and thank you for the prayers. i felt them this week. just make sure that you pray for the missionaries in your ward too!

paz y bendiciones

con amor,

hermana bain

jacob 4:7 sums up my life ๐Ÿ˜‰


One thought on “March 31, 2014

  1. Dear Sister Bain,

    I absolutely love reading your emails. You are such an exceptional missionary, as we knew you would be. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and example. You are helping as many people here as you are there! I surely loved working with you in Young Women. You did SO much good. I don’t think you can comprehend how much. You were here just at the right time, and provided just the more perfect leadership ever! ย  My cousin’s son is on a mission in Portland, where my oldest son and his family live, as well as my brother, sister, nephews…Elder Nielsen is his name. (I think I told you about him, but maybe not. He is an older missionary – 22 when he left – tried hard to avoid going, but couldn’t, and he is doing so well now!) He tried so hard to find my son, checking every ward for membership records, which no one had! He was about to be transferred again, and he and his companion were in the little mall in the airport on P day getting a thing or two when my son’s wife recognized him (she works there). She said, “I think we are related!” They had a great visit, which resulted in a dinner and outing together with my son and grandson, and then he did get transferred. My son loved all the interaction, and took good care of Elder Nielsen and his companion. Jackson loved it as well, and really loved his missionary cousin.ย That’s Jackson, who I think you have met. Anyway, no contact is wasted, and no effort is for naught! You know that so very well.

    Brother Frome and I are going to serve a mission also! We are staying here and serving in the Inner-City Mission beginning in June. It will be humanitarian service, and we are so excited to start! Neither one of us has served a mission yet, so this will be awesome. We have a friend who extended his inner-city mission to a total of five years and has no plans of leaving. I hope we can meet some real needs, and that our family will be blessed.

    Your family is awesome as you know. They always look like they miss you, but they are as strong as ever. I think about you so very often and pray that you are safe and happy, and by reading your emails I am always uplifted. Isn’t the gospel priceless!?

    I love and admire you greatly. Thanks for being you. So many of us are the result of missionary work. I LOVE THE MISSIONARIES! Keep up your great work, Makail, I mean Sister Bain!

    Love, Sister Frome

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