April 7, 2014

hola all,

this week had it’s highs and lows. sometimes i get frustrated but i am grateful that my companion and I try to have the spirit with us. the Lord has definitely been a huge strength this week too. like it was said in conference, our burdens are not taken away but we are strengthened to carry them.

i missed being home for conference, but just think that next time there is conference in april i’ll be coming home. weird huh? one year from today. i don’t feel like a sixth month missionary so i have a lot of room to grow still. gratefully, the Lord is patient.

i love conference 🙂 a lot. mucho. i feel it gives us hope again and reminded me why i am out here for several reasons. it reminded me that i can do hard things. this has the potential to effect an eternity. that we have every reason to rejoice. it’s okay to ask for help. instead of counting the problems i can find solutions through Jesus Christ and be grateful in any situation. that these people need to hear the voice of the prophet. this gospel is for every soul. i could go on and on… some of my favorites (alright, they were all my favorite, but better said, some of the ones that the spirit really testified to me) were by elders ballard, uchtdorf, bednar, and monson. to be honest, i’m looking through my notes and i just loved it all. there’s really not a good enough expression that conveys how much i love conference.

we had several investigators that were planning on attending but they all canceled for one reason or another. truth is, they just don’t understand it. they don’t understand how important this weekend could have been for them and i don’t know how we could have helped them better explain. good thing it’s online. 🙂 they’ll get it eventually.

i was looking through my notes and it was pretty overwhelming how much i need to shape up but luckily the gospel isn’t a checklist. i loved that…can’t think of who said it…but i loved it. and we don’t have to do it all at once, just little by little.

general conference gives hope. i feel like my faith was renewed and my commitment was restored. i love that word. restored. for me, conference basically came down to this: love God. when we love God we love others and keep his commandments. we naturally begin to become better disciples of Christ and develop divine qualities that will strengthen our lives and those around us. the gospel is beautifully simple.

we are going to the tulip fields today. i hear it’s quite the sight and the thing to do. so i guess i’ll take pictures or something. jaja i promise, i do take pictures but i just haven’t sent them yet. i’m sorry. tonight we also have exchanges so i’m going to …well, i don’t remember but i’ll be with our stl (sister training leader) sister ma’ake and sister holt is coming to our area to be with hermana brunsdale. then i’ll be back tomorrow night. i like exchanges so i’m excited. we also have zone meeting this week which should be cool. we work with a lot of good missionaries. i’m grateful for them and the things that i learn from each one of them.

for transfers, if we get a transfer call we find a member ride to the mission home in mill creek and then switch it up there and then go to our new area. i hope that i’m not transferred for a while because i love this area and the branch. there’s a lot of potential here. one day i hope to be in all of mt. vernon and not just part of it. that or burlington. there are so many mexicans there! i think it’s actually over 50% hispanic. but the elders are in that area. ugh.

by the way, hermana brunsdale and i are in a car because we have to drive about 20 minutes to get to our area in sedro woolley. the other hermanas are on bike. there was a day that we had to go on splits for a little while so that’s why there is a picture of me on a bike.

well times up. i hope you have a sunny week and know that i love you! thanks for the encouragement and the support.

con amor,
hermana bain



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