April 14, 2014

hey all!

this week was pretty good! on tuesday i was able to go on exchanges with sister ma’ake. she’s from alaska and i just love her so much. she’s very powerful spiritually and the skinniest tongan i have ever seen. we met chris. he has interesting views but i love moments like that because it helps me really think about what i truly believe. sister ma’ake taught me so much and on tuesday i realized again how grateful i am to be spanish speaking. i have mad respect for english speaking missionaries. so cool story, we were unsoaking in the car just before we were about to visit someone and…okay this is so cool, you’re gonna love this…so she mentioned someone’s name, keenan, not a super common name so asked if he was from lake stevens because we both served there at the same time. she said he was from there and she had gone to his baptism. so naturally i’m intregue and i sort of started interrogating her. anyway, turns out it’s that guy i met before! i believe in tender mercies, miracles, and a plan from God. background story: hermana hansen and i were tracking sometime in the begining of january, looking for some spanish homes. walked into a little circle, honestly killing time. we didn’t think there was much potential there. (for spanish speakers at least). we actually did find someone who spoke spanish but she was very not interested at the time (she just needs time). we walked a little more and stood in the middle of the street. a guy was staring at us through his window and we started to laugh  because he was so creepy and then we laughed harder when we realized how creepy we were. so went to talk to him. he answered his door (some people just stare at us through the window and walk away) and he was comfortable with his faith and didn’t know his neighbors. so we start walking home and the other hermanas called to give us a ride so we waited and i started to talk to this man who walked by with his dog. his name was keenan, was looking for work, recently quit smoking, and was a nice guy. i happened to have a book of mormon in my bag so i explained it a little and invited him to read it. i even marked it with sticky notes. then that was it. we planned to go see him as a backup but never got it. fast forward to this past tuesday, and this is what sister ma’ake told me. that next sunday a man walks into the chapel and sits on the front row. they had 3 investigators at church so they were praying someone from the ward would reach out him. good thing he sat in front of the ward mission leader. i’m running out of time and i’m obviously not very good or effecient at telling stories but the ward mission leader set up a lesson with keenan and the sisters for that tuesday. by that time he was half way through the book of mormon. they couldn’t figure out how he got it but he knew that a spanish missionary gave it to him that looked like sister ma’ake. since he’s in his 20’s the ysa sisters started to teach him and he was baptized on the 15th. they had planned the 22nd but moved it because he was so ready. i mean, this guy was so prepared by the Lord! anyway, it was neat to hear about him.

this weekend we had the opportunity to go to darrington to help out in the yellow vests 😉 it’s about an hour and half drive. by the way, this is the place where they had the floods. it’s devistating but it’s incredible to see their faith in God and the love and kindness that these people have. it was such a humbling experience.

things here are busy. it’s good to stay busy…it’s all we know as missionaries and any time that i find myself sitting down i just feel guilty. time is so precious -especially as a missionary. but i am learning very slowly that time is what makes things count. for example, one of our investigators went to jail for 60 days. ugh. that stunk because we weren’t sure if we were still going to be around when she got out and she was so ready! but we trusted God and waited. all we needed was a little time. and she got out on good behavior and is going to be baptized this saturday. i’ll tell you more about it next week! dad, this kind of happiness lasts and is so pure i don’t think i could even explain it. yeah, it’s nice to finally have a baptism coming and i have been scared to admit it to myself that she is getting baptized because something could always go wrong but if you could have seen her. we were teaching her the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ and her eyes were just so bright. it’s been such a miracle to see the change that the gospel has on people’s lives. she struggled with drugs for a really long time and is currently trying to get custody of her kids (who came to church with her on sunday!) but she is making so much progress. i don’t know how to explain this sufficiently, but i love her so much. i am so happy for her!!

we did get to go to the tulip fields but they are kinda all over and the first one we went to cost 5 dollars or something and we’re cheap (especially since there are fields you can see for free) so we drove around until we found some flowers, took a picture, and were satisfied. jaja but the tulips around here are really a big deal. a lot of the mexicans work in the fields and city is very proud of them. it’s like a culture and it’s neat.

you mentioned this and it made me think, i have wanted to do this my whole life. even before this life. so i am very grateful for this opportunity.

i’m gonna cut this short so that i can send you some pictures 🙂

thank you for the prayers and the fast. i really appreciate it and i sure have felt it. i love you more than anything. things sound like they are going well 🙂 keep it up!

i hope you have a sunny week! oh, and i had something really cool that i learned from preach my gospel that i will try to either tell you next week or i’ll write a letter. i love preach my gospel.

and i love you!!

con amor,

hermana bain


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