May 12, 2014

hey all!

i love p-day. this is really random, but we’ve noticed that the Lord always blesses us with a sunny monday. it’s beautiful. and we were cleaning our apartment like champs this morning because we had general conference on. we were listening to elder ballard’s talk from last october i think it was, anyway, something that stood out to me was that we should be praying for missionary opportunities and then have the faith to recognize and react to those missionary opportunities. he mentioned that many members don’t pray for this because they know their prayer will be answered:) but we are a covenant keeping people (mosiah 18:8-11) and we love the Lord:) so keep on praying.

i really want to be better about emailing home i just don’t ever know what to say. i want to share a thought or something that i learned from preach my gospel and maybe we could do a little family study during the week and then talk about it on mondays because we should be reading pmg:) it’s inspired:) i could share a tender mercy or a miracle from the week, what made me smile:) i don’t know. what kind of things do you want to hear?

something that made me smile this morning was being outside and seeing mt. baker. something else, hermana lyman and i switch off driving so this week i have the phone and the passenger seat:) i don’t know why but that made me smile. and one more…this morning hermana lyman turned on the water to clean shower but the nozzel part was pulled out so the water just came out and i don’t know how to explain it through email but the point is, she was soaked. and it was so funny.

well i hope you all have a wonderful week. know that i love you to the moon and back. times infinity:)
hermana bain


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