May 19, 2014

hey all!

sounds like a busy week! and another one to come! we have a couple of service projects lined up this week so we are super stoked!

so the other day we were visiting some people that live in an apartment complex. the road they live on has a billion and half other apartment complexes and the about 98% of the population on this street is hispanic. so we love to be on this road. anyway, we were knocking on someone’s door and this really nice cadillac pulls up and guess who gets out? jehovah’s witnesses. they start knocking right. next. door. and then we notice that they are upstairs too. and down the side walk. they. were. everywhere. and we felt super out numbered.

we just laughed about it and said that we may be few but our message is true. we just smiled and said hi. they didn’t want to talk to us but we had another appointment to go to so we didn’t push it.

there was a branch activity this week that was super fun! had the- best- food:) and such a good time with the members. they are awesome! it made me smile because they were celebrating mother’s day…on a friday…and i think they just like to find any reason possible to eat and dance. it was so fun! and one of our investigators was there! woohoo!

there is a woman that has been attending the branch for a really long time but no one can find her baptism records or get any details from her about her baptism so we are not sure if she ever was baptized. so she’s getting baptized this saturday:) and her son has a baptism date as well so this will help him prepare for his baptism.

this morning we went to early morning seminary because we know the instructor and we were looking for some pointers on teaching a book of mormon class. we think it might be beneficial for some of our investigators who are having a hard time finding time to read, don’t understand why it’s so important, and also to strengthen some of the recent converts. so if you have any ideas, let us know.

we had so many miracles this week but one that i want to share real quick is that one day this week we were walking out of our apartment and saw a man turn onto the street riding his bike. he stopped and turns out he was someone we knew! not a coincidence. we were talking and invited him to church, he said the usual…yeah, if i’m not working, if God wants me too, if i have time…we told him God did want him to and that he should make time. and that was it. to be honest, i forgot about it. until he showed up! i believe he had some questions answered during sunday school and he almost left early, but the spirit prompted him to stay a little longer. he ended up staying all the way through! the Lord definitely knows us and what we need. we should trust that. santos needed to come to church and he knew that.

last night we had dinner with a member. her husband is getting baptized (they speak spanish but they are in the english ward) in june. her sister was there and we were able to talk about baptism. she knows she needs to be baptized and knows that she will but is still holding back. it was cool just to be there and to talk to her. everything takes time and the Lord has a hand in it. it’s not a coincidence that all of us were there at that time.  

anyway, those were a few things from this week. wish i could share more! but just know that i love you and i pray for you always! good luck with school, classes, work, concerts, and your busy week! thank you for always sharing things with me. you always strengthen my faith and i learn so much from you. and about you;)

keep smiling! i love you to the moon and back!!

much love,
hermana bain


One thought on “May 19, 2014

  1. Dear Sister Bain
    I’m happy your are enjoying the work and keeping busy with a good work.
    We are making improvements in our missionary efforts.
    with Love
    Your Bishop

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