May 27, 2014

hola all!

hope you all had a wonderful memorial day! i hope you ate a smore for me:) yum.

so some pretty sweet things happened this week:) eva was baptized! we found an investigator who went m.i.a. for about two transfers, he’s back and the Spirit is working in his life right now. he’s awesome. he’s had a rough past but is looking for a new start. the tricky part is that some of his relatives and friends from the past expect him to be the same person he was ten years ago. so i think he’s trying to figure out who he is right now. we had a neat lesson last night about the restoration. he knows. he feels it. now it’s just putting that faith somewhere. the cool part is that God never lost track of him. ever. in fact, he’s got a plan. and i believe manuel will accept the gospel because he has so much faith in Jesus Christ. i am so grateful for Jesus Christ.

i learned a lot from your family home evening lesson:) there are so many wonderful points. i read the section of humility and then the scripture study under “how can you recognize pride in yourself?”. in these scriptures we learn about some of the characteristics or qualities that warn of pride. not inquiring of the Lord, hard hearts, contention, can’t take correction, resistant to reproof, the truth is hard to bear. there’s quite the list actually. but humility is the cure. pride is plaguing the world and can be very destructive. but for all the darkness we encounter there is light. there is hope. and when we are infected with pride when can be healed through Jesus Christ. through humility.

in 2 timothy 3:1-4, paul describes the symptoms of pride. it’s a pretty nasty disease. people love themselves more than God, they are covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient (to parents/God) unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of treasure more than they love God. but we are human and not immune to this virus right? so what can we do?? well, we can love others, be generous and content, boast in our God (alma 26:11-12), show reverence and hold things sacred, be obedient (to parents/ God), live in gratitude, stand in holy places, be virtuous and honest, cultivate mercy, develop self-mastery, be gentle and kind, rejoice in all good, be loyal and reasonable (reconcile), act in charity, and seek truth and things of God. everything that God teaches us and provides for us is for our good and for our benefit. He gives us the antidote and the prevention. God is pretty good:)

so when we fall, (pride cycle), we could rub some dirt in it. or we could sooth it with some humility. that sounds nice doesn’t it?

but like you studied, we are in “constant need for His divine help.” (pmg 120). if you think about it, as children of God we are pretty capable beings. yea, we mess up, yes we struggle and fall. but we are resilient and strong as well. humility teaches us the source of our divine potential. humility teaches us to “site our sources” and not to plagiarize. being humble also shows we trust God.
it’s a “willingness to submit to the will of the Lord” and so is repentance if you think about it. repentance is “bringing our lives in line with God’s will” (pmg 62). humility is the willingness or the blue print, repentance is the process or the construction.

so this week let’s study the blessings we receive when we humble ourselves:) so the second scripture study question.

mom, thanks for the spiritual note by the way. i guess i should take my own advice. my own medicine?? jaja you got a point.

i sure do love you. to the moon and back times infinity. hope you all are having fun even though school is winding down (or picking up whichever the case) and loving life. this week i hope we can smile a little bigger, put more feeling in our prayers, and really let the spirit guide. i read something really cool in alma the other day but i’m out of time.
love you.

-hermana bain


2 thoughts on “May 27, 2014

  1. Hermana Bain,
    That was a great message and something we all need. You are being a great missionary, even to your friends on your blog. I want to send this message out to my kids to read, you hit right on point with so many who are working so hard for earthly rewards.
    We have moved from the fifth ward, our son who was living in our home wanted to buy it so we bought a condo in St. George. We have a beautiful view of the St. George Temple, it’s much better than putting a picture on the wall. We will be leaving at the end of Sept. for another opportunity to serve in Washington D.C. Temple. We love serving full time in the Temples, it’s hard to leave the constant spirit that is with us when we come home after our shifts. You will understand that more when you come home from your mission, a word of advice …keep your same study schedule and at home people will flock to understand your happiness thus your missionary experience will continue.
    We loved seeing you in Mexico, we miss those wonderful people. May The Lord bless you with all your needs.
    Love, Pam

  2. Love your emails, Sister Bain. You are an amazing example to us all. Keep up your absolutely great work! Love, Sister Frome

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