June 2, 2014 – (4th paragraph Makail asks a favor, reply and I will forward them)

hey all!

mission updates are fun:) that’s super neat that cj got his call!! we have a couple visa waiters in our mission that are going to brazil! to me, portuguese sounds like french and spanish mixed together. anyway, that’s super cool!!

jacob’s play sounds exciting! i love the way his costume sounds:) i’m sure he’ll be the best yellow brick road. i’m excited to hear how it went! make sure to take pictures and send them to me! break a leg kiddo! (make sure he knows that i don’t think he should really break his leg)

i liked what you learned about humility. i definitely needed to study it this week. sometimes i have a lot of pride. but there’s always the cure. humility fixes a lot of things and makes us stronger. there sure are a lot of blessings that we can receive from being humble. i believe there’s a lot of inner strength. i read d&c 136:32-33 this morning and there is part that really stood out to me. it says, “for my spirit is sent forth into the world to enlighten the humble and contrite…”. so we can receive “enlightenment” through the holy ghost as we are humble. this made me think about something that our mission president was teaching us this past wednesday at zone conference. he talked about “endarkenment” and how there are things in life that cause darkness in our eyes and in our minds but that reading the scriptures, seeking truth, and essentially being humble -we receive light. or are enlightened:) i just love that word.

speaking of testimonies, i was wondering if sometime you all could write down testimonies and experiences that really helped your faith grow. something that gave you a desire to change. what you did to receive a testimony. i would like to share that with some of our investigators. they don’t really see a need to change or follow God. they don’t believe that they have testimonies or if they did that it’s really important. what you write doesn’t need to be anything fancy or big. and if anything, i would love to read them. 🙂

you asked about some interesting rules we have to follow when driving a mission car. finding a parking spot is rough. sometimes we have to go out of our way to park -and we have to be picky about the spot because even though it may be fine to park there i don’t want anything to happen, like someone backing up into the car or opening a door and hitting our car. driving a mission car has made me paranoid. that’s a  bit dramatic -more cautious and defensive when i drive. so i guess that’s good. we have to wash  and clean the car every monday. we keep track of the miles we travel every day. oh, and my personal favorite rule… whenever we back up the car, my companion has to be outside to guide and direct me. it’s so funny and sometimes annoying but it’s all good. just smile and back up. i’m getting pretty good at finding pull through parking stalls though. jaja

want to know something crazy?? it’s week five of this transfer. which means that on friday when we have weekly planning we plan for week six. the last week of the transfer. insane. time is going too quick!! july is my half mark! it’s june! crazy.

so we’re teaching a man named edwin. his wife was baptized almost a year ago and she’s super stoked to go to the temple soon! woohoo! he was ready to be baptized at one point but i think was a little daunted by the repentance process. (it involved the first presidency). anyway, he’s familiar with missionaries and the lessons and our message just needs time. he agreed to take the lessons again so he’s taking those little steps. their whole family is awesome and i love them so much. it’s amazing how much the gospel can change people. they have tattoos and used to swear and use drugs but now she’s on her way to the temple!! how beautiful is that?? her sister is also a member and lives in mt vernon (they live in sedro woolley) and they have another sister living with them who is one of our investigators as well. i don’t know if any of that made sense. point is, i love this family so much. the gospel is for families! so gaby’s sisters are alejandra and vickie. alejandra is a member and her husband is getting baptized this weekend in the english ward. vickie is an investigator and her daughter, who is nine, is also getting baptized. so that’s super neat! vickie wants to go to the spanish branch though 🙂 even though they speak english more, i love the spanish branch because it’s their culture. i love it. we have family home evening with gaby and edwin tonight so i’m super excited!

i love you all. have a really good week!

much love,
hermana bain




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