June 9, 2014

hey all,
things were pretty good this week. of course there were ups and downs. a mission brings everything good about me and everything bad about me to the surface. no joke. i have a short temper and i am not patient at all. the good news is that i have recognized it. acknowledged it and now i can learn and slowly overcome. this week was a struggle at times because i found myself getting angry quickly over stupid little stuff.Makail 6-9-14 bridge
big news!! edwin came to church and vickie decided to be baptized on the 21st!! woohoo!! edwin thought he was so funny and texted us that he couldn’t make it. his wife is a member (she’s awesome! and i love her) and he used her phone to trick us too. let’s just say i was shocked when he walked in the building. more happy, but definitely shocked.
hermana lyman and i spoke in sacrament meeting about charity. love charity:) well she spoke for about three minutes and maybe 27 seconds which gave me the opportunity to rely on the spirit for 35 minutes. i believe that God answers prayers and the Spirit brings things to mind when you need it. next time, i’ll prepare a little bit more;)
after church we had dinner with vickie and her family. they blow my mind and i can’t even begin to describe how much i love them. they had invited a member from the english ward to dinner as well and i am here to say that it was no coincidence that he was there. we started to review the gospel of Jesus Christ and the steps of repentance. we had been praying all morning especially during companionship study about a date that we could invite vickie to be baptized. we settled on the 28th of this month. well this member started talking and bearing a solid testimony and set us up perfectly to ask her. it was beautiful because he gave the spirit the opportunity to touch her heart. there were tears and there was laughter:) it was lovely and divine. she’s currently praying to know if she should be baptized on the 21st of june!
well it’s the last week of the transfer so it’s gonna be good:) we have big plans and a lot of work to do so i’m stoked! i love washington, i love mt vernon and sedro woolley i love the gospel i love the sunshine i love emailing you and hearing how you are doing and i love tamales.
hope you have a fantastic week! good luck with everything and know that i pray for you always:) i really appreciate you all.
much love from washington,
hermana bain


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