June 16, 2014

hey all ❤

i hope everyone had a great father’s day! it was weird being at church and not being able to say anything to dad… that and one of the elders in our branch went home today. he died. (as a missionary) and so hermana lyman and i got a little trunkie. but only for like .5 seconds so it’s all good. point is, i hope dad had a wonderful day:)

big news! hermana lyman is being transferred tomorrow. i am not a fan of transfers right now. i feel we were making really good progress and then we begin again. okay. i’ll rephrase because it’s all the same work -super important, but new transfers, new changes =new start.

so i guess it’s a good thing in disguise. it’s interesting because we were talking about change in our companionship study.

to be honest, i’m grateful that i “dodged the bullet” and get to stay in mt. vernon for at least six more weeks:) i love it here. the promise land

i’m glad that family home evening went well:). i enjoyed studying patience. said no one ever. alright alright what i meant is that i’ve been praying for patience…and…the Lord has blessed me with opportunities to develop patience. you mean he doesn’t just give it to you on a pretty plate?? i guess that would be too easy and would lose the fun;) i liked what you said about gaining patience though. there was a scripture i read in the bible. romans 5:3-5 (gold) and there’s a formula for this. and it fits right in with the plan of salvation. so tribulation works patience. patience brings experience and experience produces hope. and that hope increases our capacity to feel the love of God through the Holy Ghost -who sanctifies and purifies our heart. so all in all tribulation refines us.

you know, i’m grateful for the revelation that explains that we all signed up for this. that God loves us enough to allow growth. God is good.

yesterday, hermana lyman and i showed up to church thinking that we had a meeting with the branch mission leader. he had told hermana lyman 10 to 12. (time) and she interpreted it as 10:00-12:00 and we were just thinking “well, alright”.yeah he meant ten minutes to 12:00. ooops. anyway, we were waiting in the foyer and the english ward had started. the relief society president was speaking and the part that i heard was beautiful. she talked about the city of enoch and how in d&c 97:21 we learn that zion is the pure in heart. so although this city was translated, each individual was personally converted. that’s neat. then she mentioned that God could have given us our own little planet to work out our own personal salvation. but what good would that be?? yea, we would get things done but what would we learn?? there’s a reason we’re all here together. to learn and to grow and to progress. together.

i was telling hermana lyman that i would start to try her patience but only because i wanted to help her to become celestial;) jaja

i also learned from my study this week that there are some pretty neat blessings that come from developing patience. stronger faith, ability to hear the voice of the Lord, comfort, the promise that we will be strengthened to carry our burdens, we will find ourselves, builds who we are, creates capacity to wait and believe in things we can’t see or know at that moment and we become like Christ. what more could we ask for?? 🙂 maybe we could start chapter 5 this week and then y’all can choose the next weeks topic.

so this week we have been working a lot more with the members. they rock. i love them with all my little heart. i know without any doubt that we cannot do this work without the members. in preach my gospel there’s a promise that says that missionaries succeed better when the members are the source for investigators. read john 4:35-38 -super stellar. members sow and missionaries reap but we both rejoice together! really good article in the ensign of this month:) love it.

God answers prayers. i know that. i’ve been praying to find martha again after she fell off the face of the earth and we found her again this week. i prayed to study and find an answer that i was looking for -something to help an investigator, and it was shown to me. i prayed that i wouldn’t throw up my dinner after being in a van full of mold and chicken bones…and i don’t want to know what else… and i survived. my point is this: God knows what is important to us and we are important to Him. but He also sees the big picture and knows the best route.

is everyone surviving summer so far?? i sure hope so:) i hope it’s sunny and bright and that you know i love you to the moon and back!
enjoy your week and smile lots!

i’ll do all that i can do to make this week a good one:) afterall, all you can do is all you can do (-hermana brunsdale said this a lot)

much love,

hermana bain

john 15:1-16


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