July 14, 2014

buenos tardes all!
i love the book of mormon. and i love that keauna has such a strong testimony of the book of mormon. unfortunately, i didn’t study that chapter this week because i had a couple of other questions i was working on. but there is a lot of power in the book of mormon. i believe that it brings a special spirit into our lives. like you mentioned from the sister’s talk (in orem) about the spirit that she felt because of the bishop’s prayer. that recognizable spirit -is what will make all the difference. this morning we were grocery shopping. i was looking for spinach and beans and passed a man. he asked me if i work there and i said that i don’t but that i am a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. he got real angry and said “man, i’m real sorry for you. you are on a broad path to destruction. you gotta get out of there!” since it’s not the first time this has happened, i was trying to think of questions that would help me better understand where he is coming from and in our conversation, i mentioned the book of mormon. he got even more upset and was pulling every anti doctrine that he could think of, and i feel bad he got so mad. i asked him if he had read the book of mormon entirely before. he said no. it’s interesting because naturally i just want to go over every point of doctrine that he was trying to prove wrong so that we could overcome those doubts one at a time, but he should just read the book of mormon from cover to cover -with the intent of finding out if it is true or not and being open to doing what he feels if it is true- or he could just keep “reading all about it”. online.
i promise that there is power in the book of mormon. it’s changed my life. if you want to know how to fix the blinking red light on the dash board, read the car manual. or i guess you could call mike (but we have to read the manual). if you want to find a referral in sedro woolley who lives on a road you’ve never heard of, you have to read the map. or i guess you could look it up on the gps. if you want to know what happens in the last chapter of your favorite series, you have to read the book. or i guess you could just watch the movie.
but my point is, if you want to know Jesus Christ you should read the book of mormon. or i guess you could read other books about him or go to a church that talks about him or find something online.
these days it’s pretty easy to find a quick fix, a substitute or a faster way to find “it”. whatever “it” is. you can find it. quick. but i believe that if you want to find Jesus Christ -recognize him, understand him, and build a relationship with him -it’s through studying His Word. now, we talk a lot about the book of mormon and that doesn’t mean i have anything against the bible. i need the bible just like some folks need a cup of coffee in the morning. but the book of mormon is special to me. it glues the pieces together for me.
i love the book of mormon.
i know the book of mormon is ture.
i know the book of mormon testifies of Jesus Christ.
i know the book of mormon brings the Holy Ghost directly into our lives.
it’s powerful. #readit
that’s my two cents. anyway, this week was loaded with miracles. loved it. for example, yesterday we set up this strategic battle plan. everything was set up perfectly -we had rides for investigators and recent converts. reminders were made. our lesson for gospel principles was practically divine. it was a sunny day. not a cloud in the sky. yep. cloud nine.
and then we started.
walked about 45 minutes to pick up an investigator. we planned to walk with her because her ride fell through and she didn’t have any other way. she wasn’t home. we tried her neighbor but she was “sleeping”. code for i don’t want to talk to you so i’m going to shower. okay.
and then we looked at our watches and either the battery blew up or we had ten minutes to get to church to teach. so we prayed.
ran next door to a neighbor, even though she was probably already at church. and then.
her daughter pulled into the drive way!! prayer answered. 🙂 🙂
she gave us a ride and we were some pretty thankful and happy misioneras. then. a couple who are investigating the gospel came to church! we had seen the husband that morning in route to pick up our friend, and invited him to church. and he came!! they’re the ones that are raising the chinese boys who no one knows why they are raising the chinese boys. but they are so super wonderful and sweet.
i wish i could tell you the other miracles but i’m short on time. gotta go! i think of things throughout the week that i want to say and then i sit down and i don’t end up mentioning any of it. but i hope you know i am thankful for your emails and the simple sweet testimonies that i feel as i read these letters from you.
i love you. i really really do. i hope you have a great week and tell everyone to get better! keep it sunny
much love,
hermana bain


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