July 7, 2014

hey all!
time is going by too fast! i’m half way through! but sounds like things are going well back home. i love summer too. especially in washington -not too hot and not too cold. just right.
edwin came to church:) and yesterday church was really nice. i love going:) two eight year olds were baptized and it was wonderful. then there was break the fast -so good. but want to know something? my favorite thing in the world is to hear others bear testimony. that’s when i feel the spirit. and it’s neat because i have the opportunity to bear testimony every day which has helped my testimony in ways that i don’t know how to describe but i find it really strengthening as well to hear others testify. another reason i love when members are able to come to lessons with us:)
there is one apartment complex that we work a lot in and one of the building caught on fire -they say from a firework. we found a girl who had lived there and she’s talked to missionaries before. it’s interesting how many things in life seem to shake us up a little bit and you decided to either turn to God or you turn away. either way He’s there though.
sacrament meeting is so important and when we start to take those sacred covenants lightly and for granted we lose the full effect and power it has in our lives. i’ve heard a lot, and even seen a lot of people fall into inactively because they take those simple things so casually. what is so surprising is how many return missionaries i’ve met that have gone inactive. i understand that just because you serve a mission, that doesn’t give you a free ticket but if you really serve a mission -really serve with all you got- i feel you learn and see the importance of the little things. so i agree -personal conversion is key. and the gospel is true.
want to hear a cool story?? okay. so. it’s the fourth of july -woohoo! and we’re going around mt vernon teaching as many people (listening or not) and we have about 30 minutes left. (we needed to be inside by 7:00) well, we decide to go to see a woman’s family -we thought she was in bellingham for the month with her son -and we figured we could start teaching her family and see how they were doing. now, all day hermana wahlstrom was saying she really wanted a hamburger and was missing home a little bit -i could tell. so i was trying to see our options and i really didn’t know what we could do. but we knocked and this woman was home! and she said “come in” and walked away. so we looked at each other and shrugged “why not?” we found her in the kitchen serving super yummy soup and then she said something but we were both distracted by all of the people and we just ended up saying “si si” over and over again. she left again and came back with two hamburgers and horchata -el salvador style đŸ˜‰ super yum.
we taught her right there in the middle of huge fiesta and had a good time:) and that’s how we ended up crashing their mexican 4th of july:) best day ever!
we also crashed a peruvian birthday party (found someone the elders are now teaching) and went to visit some members -their son who is preparing to receive his mission call was the only one home and ended up passing out twice -super scary. he was okay and his parents brought home pizza. and everywhere we go people just give us water bottles. so we are very well fed and hydrated. but my point is that the Lord always directs us to where we should go if we’re looking. whether we just need a hamburger or someone needs a little help -the Lord knows us and those around us.
well i hope you have a fun week. i love you all to the moon and back!! times infinity
much love,
hermana bain


One thought on “July 7, 2014

  1. Love your emails, Sister Bain! We just started our mission this weekend, and our first assignment is to help a sister find a job! There is a lot of poverty in the downtown Salt Lake City area, but we think the reason we don’t have the slums that are so overwhelmingly horrible like in downtown New York or Los Angeles is because of this Inner-City Mission Project. The church is so awesome – we have been told that this is the best work in the church, and we feel it – being on a mission where the rubber really hits the road. The essence of the gospel is service, and you have that in your blood and in your bones. We also hope to help in some small way, believing that small things always help! Love to read about your life and your successes. We admire you greatly! Love, Sister Frome

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