July 21, 2014

hey all!
what a week! june’s funeral sounds like it was beautifully done. she’s a very sweet woman. the youth conference sounds super fun! jaja i want to see the video! i can’t stop laughing just thinking about it. oh man…that makes me smile..
keeping covenants is very important.it’s kinda frustrating when we work super hard to help people just make these sacred covenants and promises with God and then we have to remind others about the ones they’ve already made. but we do it anyway because it’s even more important then. i wish more people understood more what our relation to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really meant. “true doctrine understood, changes attitude and behavior.”
so learned some pretty important things this week. 1. God is merciful. 2. missionaries eat a ton of food. 3. it doesn’t work to put dish soap in the dish washer. i think someone told me that once and i didn’t remember. ooops.
sometimes #allthetime missionary work is mentally/spiritually/physically/emotionally draining. but then it’s also mentally/spiritually/physically/emotionally strengthing. trippy. i know. but no matter what God follows through. no matter what. so i want to tell you about sunday. sunday is a very special day. sometimes it’s stressful because we work all week to invite people to come to church and see for themselves and feel the spirit and receive personal revelation and every other good thing under the sun you can think of and sometimes they don’t come. but. sometimes they do. yesterday for examples, there are about 800 people we’ve invited and 900 of them say they’ll come to church. i don’t know how that works…point is, we invite. but vanessa actually came:) and she was the cutest thing:) she’s from peru and makes the best food. anyway, we were also waiting for victoria to come. edwin came and so did margarita and tony -later for sacrament. we made lots of phone calls, there was branch meeting, and we had a sunday school lesson to prepare. we had brownies cooking in the kitchen, were waiting for people to reply and some paper work. busy busy. it all came together though! for our lesson, we had the brownies for our lesson about sacrifice. you know the story about the donuts and the seminary class? well we did it like that. so we talked about the sacrifices made in the days before Christ and what a sacrifice actually is. then we invited edwin (one of our investigators) up to the front. each person was asked if they wanted a brownie and edwin was asked to do 30 push-ups for every individual person to get a brownie. some turned down the brownie but he still had to do the push-ups. he was tired. but then we related it to the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. yes, there were some brownies still on the table but they were “paid for”. it gave us the opportunity to testify of our Savior’s love. and that we can accept His sacrifice and give of ourselves. that’s our sacrifice. ourselves. at the beginning of each day we should commit to God and live so that at the end of the day, we have given our whole heart. the only thing He already doesn’t have. and it’s something that he won’t just take away either. it has to be given and offered.
during relief society victoria still wasn’t there so we took the opportunity to wake her up. she works night at subway so she’s really tired on sundays. but she came for sacrament! so real quick update: she was going to be baptized after church but for some personal reasons she wasn’t. but she talked to the branch president and feels a lot better! maybe i’ll write a letter to explain the details. point is, there were 1,384,999,573,398,389,560.5 miracles on sunday:)
funny story, while we were waiting for victoria to come out, a man came into the church building and asked if he could read the bible with us. this usually doesn’t happen. but we started talking to him and he was very nice. i asked him though if he had been drinking and he said that he had and we set up another time for us to teach him more of our message. if we teach a man we need to have another woman with us and our “third” woman needed to leave so we taught him how to pray and invited him to be baptized. sure he was drunk and i don’t think the spirit sticks around for that but i do believe that he felt the spirit in a small way. he says he wants to be baptized so we told him to come back -sober and that we would help him do that. and then we went home and made hawaiian haystacks for dinner and finished weekly planning. even though it should have been done on friday. we were busy;)
i forgot to mention about 93% of the rest of what i was going to say. sorry. but i hope you have a fantastic week and keep it sunny! i love you tons!
did you get the letter yet?? i hope it comes soon:)
much love,
hermana bain


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