July 28, 2014

hey all!
i miss you! i’m gonna miss being there with you! man oh man. you’ll have to tell maggie that i love her very much and that i miss her too. take lots of pictures for me:) and then email them! that’s too bad you have to do so much back and forth though.
sacrament meeting sounds awesome! i love hearing people’s experiences. especially now. it’s pretty amazing how much we can learn from others. we all have a lot more in common than we think. those experiences and commonalities allow us to unify ourselves. i agree. it’s important to be one. that’s what zion should be. and it comes from the heart. (i didn’t mean to quote author) it begins in the heart.
we see the blessings and the consequences from being unified or not, in companionships, branches and wards, our investigators relationships and marriages, and even between ourselves and God. that’s something i want to study this week:) thanks for the inspiration!
so want to know something crazy??! transfers are tomorrow….and i am not being transferred! this is my 5th transfer in mt vernon! this is a very long time to be in an area so either i haven’t learned something or there is something still that i need to do. but either way, i’m glad to be here:) i really like it here. and i love my companion. i’m glad that we get at least one more transfer because it always takes a couple weeks to get used to one another and each others teaching techniques, and “way of life”. so i feel that we’re used to each other and have been doing alright;) i’m grateful for that and for all that she has been teaching me!
well it was another sunny week in skagit valley!
i sure do love you.
tell everyone that i love them lots too
to the moon and back!
much love,
hermana bain


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