August 4, 2014

hey all!
i’m super glad that you guys had such a great time this week!!! woohoo!! and you even got to enjoy the rain:) i can honestly say now that it’s my favorite:) …i guess you should ask again in a couple of months when the rain comes back….jaja.
we spent a lot of time finding this week which was really good. focusing on true conversion and how we can help people spiritually progress has really strengthened our companionship and hopefully our area. both were pretty strong to begin with but the gospel of Jesus Christ has the ability to enlighten and inspire even more. it’s pretty amazing.
we hadn’t really stopped by to see victoria this past week because she wanted some time but she came to church anyway! i just love her. you know when you love someone so much it just kills you that much more when they are unhappy and you know exactly why but they won’t listen to you?? yeah, it’s real. and i never want kids.
we had a neat experience yesterday, even though sundays can be kinda tiring they are very full of miracles -a special day for us, anyway, we were on stanford but i just felt we had somewhere else to be so we buckled back up and i started to drive. now this usually doesn’t happen -just throwing this out there. but as i was driving i felt that we could go to a potential that i had met a couple of transfers ago. she was very receptive and sweet but soon left to mexico after meeting her. so we weren’t able to see her again. being there though reminded me of a referral that we received from the english missionaries in the area. we hadn’t contacted them yet but they were outside so we went to meet them. the husband doesn’t approve of the church…or missionaries…so he quickly left. but we met mellissa. she is wonderful. and very prepared. as we got to know her we found that she’s been taught a lot before and is actually talking to a former missionary who served here about a year ago and a missionary serving in new york through facebook. get this, she reads the book of mormon, writes “choose the right” all over her house, and has been praying to know what she should do. the problem is, her husband isn’t a fan. why do all of these faithful wives and dedicated mothers end up with bum husbands??! point is, i believe 100% that we were supposed to meet her last night. she works at walmart so we saw her there today too:) all i can say is that God is good and fasting works.
the work is coming along. we are trying to find right now. which means knocking doors, asking a ton of questions, stereotyping houses, starting awkward first conversations. the usual. but for some strange reason i love it.
everyone has a story. unique circumstances and varying details. but. we are all looking for happiness. and it blows my mind where people are looking. and we are trying to hand it right to them. some notice. some don’t. we love them anyways and i can’t explain why.
but it’s all good:) super good:)
i hope everything goes well and you’re still smiling at the end of the day:) that’s important. thanks for sharing with me about the atonement. it’s exactly what one of our investigators needs (and me) so i’m excited to share it with him! i am very grateful for your strong testimonies. it has blessed my life in ways that i don’t even know how to describe! love you.
i’m excited to hear from you next week!
much love,
hermana bain


One thought on “August 4, 2014

  1. Dear Sister Bain
    I’ll just write a few lines to see if this is ok. Let me know if it is ok to write to you without the whole world reading??
    Bishop Miller

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