September 2, 2014

hey all!

i really loved what you shared about the two types of missionaries. it’s very true ** see below and it’s a good reminder that we really don’t know who will accept the gospel. one woman for example, is married to a man from mexico and we had contacted him about a week or two before we met her. she doesn’t speak spanish so we didn’t focus on her too much but talking to her we felt like sharing about the book of mormon and invited her to read it. we honestly didn’t think she would but when we went back to see the family (mostly her husband) she had read up to chapter 15 in 1st nephi!! who does that?? it sure doesn’t happen every day. turns out she had actually just had a miscarriage and was looking for answers. we didn’t think she would read because she said she was atheist but God knows her heart. sometimes it’s the appearance of the “least likely” that have the most potential. for me, it’s hard to say who has potential and who doesn’t. so i’ve learned to just invite. the spirit does the rest and then it’s up to them as well. but as a missionary told me once, “you’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” (using a basketball analogy). people usually won’t do anything unless we invite them to. that’s why it’s good to invite to activities, family home evening, learn more from the missionaries, check out and other mormon messages. but i think too that just seeing our examples and strength that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ is a subtle invitation as well. and people do notice more than we realize. so keep on keeping on 🙂

i love you all! enjoy the week:)

much love,
hermana bain

**Yesterday Michelle gave the Sunday School lesson.  It was on Jonah and Micah.  She called her lesson “A Tale of Two Missionaries.”  She compared Jonah – who didn’t want to go where he was called, with Micah – who went where the Lord asked him to.  We also talked about Jonah and how he actually got angry when the Lord forgave Ninevah after they repented.  As a missionary I’m sure you would be ecstatic if an entire city believed your message and repented and joined the church.  But Jonah wasn’t.  He was disappointed that the Lord didn’t destroy the city.


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