September 8, 2014

hey all 🙂
i love sundays too. all of our days blur into one day sometimes and i forget how wonderful the sabbath really is until i’m sitting in the chapel with people that i love and i hear the sacred words blessing the sacrament. that’s so special to me. i don’t understand why people fight so much to avoid and make up excuses to not come to partake of la santa cena. but i understand more the great need for personal agency. it is only important to you if you make it important to you. they just don’t understand yet. my theory is that people won’t progress until they have felt and experienced the atonement. we all need to feel that change within.
we had a really neat experiences yesterday. i’m gonna just copy and paste part of my letter to the mission president to share about the first miracle. “the branch mission leader had asked us to go to the library to sharpen some colored pencils and on the way we were going to try to help one of the hermanas make copies for her lesson. so we ended up by the library. well, a man walked in wearing jeans and a button up and my first reaction was to say, “hola! como esta??” and he replied with the usual, “hablas espanol??” which gave us the opportunity to explain that we’re missionaries and to offer an invitation to sunday school. on our way to the class we were trying to figure out more about him. his name is enrique. he’s from guadalajara mexico and was contacted by some elders who invited him to church and gave him a card with the address. that was about 2-3 weeks ago. we figured it was the skagit elders and that enrique lived in their area. he walked into class and recognized his spanish teacher from the college, hermano reed, who is also the branch mission leader. they had a long talk after class 🙂 turns out, he had actually talked with the elders in mt vernon 2nd ward and had tried a couple times to come before but wasn’t able to. this week he was determined though and came. we taught the first lesson after church…” it was super neat!! it’s amazing how the Lord will prepare His children to hear and accept the gospel.
then later that night we went up to sedro woolley. there is a yw who is actually preparing to serve a mission in nevada next month. so she has been coming with us to lessons to get ready;) we had a return appointment with a man that we had met earlier this week but he wasn’t home. all of the neighborhood kids were out riding their bikes and stopped to talk to us. they thought it was so funny that the asian and the american girl were speaking spanish;) so we joked around and one of the kids said we should go talk to his mom. so we did:)
she let us right in and was very sweet. we started teaching about the restoration of the gospel (love it) and at the end invited her to pray. i have found that one of the most precious moments in life is to hear someone pray out loud for the first time to know if our message is true and how they will know. we always ask them to pray for a specific question to receive a specific answer. i know that when we sincerely desire there is the definite spirit that accompanies that prayer. God heard that prayer.
it was neat because the yw that was with us felt the spirit as well. super fun to be with her as she is preparing to serve!
well i hope you have another busy and wonderful week!
take care.
much love,
hermana bain
ps. i’m not being transferred!!!!!!! i’m staying in mt vernon!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “September 8, 2014

  1. Dear Sister Bain, I love your emails – they are always inspiring and full of faith, the kind of faith we got used to having you around! I think of you so often and pray that Heavenly Father will always be with you. I know you are having a great mission because you are making it be one. You are always an inspiration. Keep up the great work. We miss not being in the ward but our mission is wonderful. It is awesome to be able to meet some of the needs of some of the very needy. It seems overwhelming, but I remember the story (probably from YW) about the man walking along the beach where hundreds of starfish were stranded as the tide had gone out. He was throwing them back into the ocean one by one. Someone said something like “what kind of difference do you think that will make?” And he said as he threw one more back, “Well, it made a difference to that one.” Keep up the great work, and we will try to keep up with you! Love, Sister Frome

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