September 22, 2014

hey all!

God answers prayers. i want to tell you how much i love the shirt!! it’s perfect:) i should have taken a picture yesterday, i wore it to church and i was a happy missionary! thank you thank you thank you!

the temple dedication sounds amazing! what a neat experience for grant:) love him. yesterday, the branch mission leader shared some really powerful spiritual experiences that he’s had in his life and some of them were from the temple. something that he said that hit me really hard is that the temple is where heaven and earth unite.

this week was a pretty good week. we met two amazing women who are looking for truth. it’s amazing how people often cross our path and we actually have a lot in common. but at the same time every person has their own story to tell and the details that fill their life are beautifully chaotic. i hope they both come to the conference this weekend. which by the way is something that i am really looking forward to!!

a few things that i learned to sum up this week: rainy days can be the best days, obedience brings blessings, $1 tacos are the bomb, the spirit changes people and prayer is a beautiful thing. one of my favorite moments this week: a woman who lives by our apartment comes and visits us often. her name is stephanie. she’s a mormon. and i love her. she came over because she struggles with a lot of different things but wanted to find peace reading in the book of mormon. something we should always do. i read out loud and she listened and laughed and gasped and was absorbing every word. the book of mormon is so real to her and i love it. then she prayed. she really prayed. to hear this woman pray is like a breath of fresh air. she’s so sincere and honest and she just talks with God. she just talks and knows 100% that He’s listening. and i know He is. it was one of the most pure prayers i have ever felt and it just touched my heart so that’s one of my favorite moments. something that increased my faith was going to church on sunday. the classes were great and i felt the spirit answering my prayers and helping me find the answers i was looking for. i am grateful for the opportunity to receive revelation through church attendance. it’s beautiful 🙂

i realized how important it is to find things that make you happy. there are a lot of rough things we face in this life. challenges, test, trials, tribulation, crap. whatever you want to label it as…it’s going to be there because we need to grow. we need to be strong. and we need to change. but along the way we find what enlightens our soul and fills us with that lasting happiness that our loving Heavenly Father designed for each of us. not everything about missionary work is pretty and i won’t be the first to say it but i find that bearing testimony makes me happy. it strengthens me. and part of me just loves having something that not even God or the devil can take away from me. so don’t be afraid to bear your testimony this week. and find and do the things that make you happy. always pray for the missionaries serving in your area and to have your own missionary opportunities so we can flood the earth.

it’s not enough to simply say thank you for the prayers you offer for me and the missionary work. they are felt and they are needed. i really appreciate you.

i hope you have a fantastic week!! you are super special to me and i love you 🙂 i testify that He lives.

much love,

hermana bain


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