September 29, 2014

hey all:)
the cultural weekend sounds super sweet:) and it was such a great weekend with the women’s general conference! i’m not surprised that everyone is quoting president uchtdorf already:) such a powerful talk. it made me think about washington because it rains every now and then and it’s funny because the older missionaries told us not to use umbrella’s because we would look like tourists. so we got real used to the rain and now i look forward to it! there’s something renewing and refreshing about it and often it’s a blessing in disguise because it usually can help us get in more doors;)
i’m looking forward to general conference too! i really just can’t explain how excited i am. especially because i want our investigators there! but you know how sometimes when something good is going to happen something bad happens first? that’s how i have been feeling but it’s good because it’s been testing my faith a lot. everyone needs tested faith. builds character and muscle.
we were able to help some members paint their home which was a lot of fun. i feel there was a lot more that i was going to tell you but i can’t remember it all and we need to get on our way. i took too long emailing pres again. oops.
hope you have a great week! i love you
hermana bain


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