October 6, 2014

hola all:)
what a nice weekend:) there is something so special about general conference just thinking about it makes me smile:D it’s a prime time to receive personal revelation and we got a ton of spiritual help and guidance to better serve our area and help our investigators continue to progress! and how neat is it to listen to conference in spanish?! okay, i only listened to the last session in spanish plus the other talks that were given by authorities in their native language. super cool. fun fact: elder scott translates his own talk! which by the way was a very inspired talked. love it! so anyway, we were able to watch conference at the church building and spanish translation was set up in the relief society room. on sunday the branch got together in between sessions and had a lunch. super tasty:) and then we watched the last session together. well, some of the members:) one of the best experiences!!
now comes the best part! studying the words of the prophets and living what we learn. we ate well on a very bountiful feast and now it’s time to learn how to cook for ourselves. recipes and “how to” videos are online which means that there’s no better time than now:)
so earlier today we were going to play basketball but our car wouldn’t start. i don’t remember leaving a light on but i guess if i did i would have turned it off but anyway it’s taken a lot of time out of our day so it’s been on my mind and i’ve learned a couple of things. at first we called the mission office and talked to elder hymus, who helped us a ton! he suggested that we call a member to jump start our car. there is a member who is a police officer and was in the area so he was able to come and try to help but his tools weren’t quite able to start the car up. so we weren’t quite sure what to do. then a man pulled into the apartments behind us. we ran over to him and asked if he could help us out. with his cigarette fuming he said he could try. with his help the car started right up and then we were able to go to les schwab and get it looked at. one thing that i noticed was that the help that we received came from somewhere we didn’t expect to look. i believe that the Lord is always looking out for us. he is even aware of the giver. i don’t know that man or his background, his story, his beliefs, or anything about him. but i noticed that he was willing to serve. it’s always special to be blessed by the light of Christ that is found in each child of God. as we were sitting in les schwab for a while i was thinking of two things. one. when you have car problems you go to auto repair services. why don’t more people go to church when we spiritually break down? two. sometimes we have spiritually dead batteries and need a jump start. but the important thing to remember is that once you’re up and running again, it’s best not to turn off the car again. keep it running. for a couple of hours actually -they suggested that we go on a really long car ride but we said it wasn’t in our area. so here are my thoughts: they don’t come for their spiritual repairs because they are not aware that the price has already been paid. usually going to the shop means that in the process of fixing up the damage, your wallet gets damaged as well. through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, He covers the cost and has the perfect remedy to get us back on the road. i am grateful for that knowledge. it’s also important to accept that things happen. and if we let our batteries run down we shouldn’t be surprised when we can’t get very far. and that there comes a point where we realize that we can’t get out on our own. but once we start up again we can’t stop going -we need to do the little things but the trick is to be consistant. just a few thoughts. so, i might just start up my own car shop. we’ll work on mt vernon and sedro woolley offering friendly customer service, tune ups, and 24/7 jump starts. spiritually speaking of course.
so the other day our neighbor came over and was talking to us. she’s very sweet and something that i love about her is that it doesn’t matter if someone’s talking, what she’s doing, or where she is, she has no fear to just start praying. sometimes it throws me off and i have to adjust and acknowledge that we are praying right then but she’s taught me a lot. well when she was over talking to us she initiated us as “prayer warriors”. meaning that we understand the purpose of prayer and are never afraid to use it. she says, “instead of saying, “oh, i should pray about that” don’t wait. just pray right then and there. don’t hesitate.” so that my advice for this week. if at any moment you hesitate with something say a prayer. it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing. pray. the more we will involve God into our lives the more we will recognize that He guides our lives.
well i sure do love you! have a super week and enjoy the fall colors!
much love,
hermana bain


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