October 13, 2014

hola all!
this week i have been studying a lot about personal revelation and i kinda took a detour in my study and have been reading the topcial guide about inspiration. i found some really neat scriptures in d&c section 11. you should look up verses 12-13. loved it!
but then i start to think about the things that inspire me. number one. holy ghost. that is super important but i also feel inspired when i am in the mountains or surrounded by nature. sunsets, rain storms, flowers, living room plants -i love it all! i feel inspired when i read uplifting books and messages (usually the book of mormon or ensign/liahona) -there’s good stuff out there! i feel inspired when i talk to those around me and i hear their story -they are really sharing part of their soul and heart and that’s important to me.
stake conference sounds amazing! and so does kimberly’s baptism! i can’t believe that she’s eight. gosh, growing up so quick! is bryson next??
well i have some big news. i’m being thrown out of the garden of eden and being blown to my next promised land. yep. transfer time. and i’m leaving skagit valley! ya know, i’m really sad to go. it kills me actually. but i am a little relieved too to be honest. 8 months is a real long time. it’s been real and it’s been fun. it’s been real fun. but everything has a season. it kinda scares me how calm i feel about this. it just feels right. what gets me nervous is my sister training leader call. this next transfer i have the opportunity to serve some of our lovely sister missionaries in washington everett mission as a sister training leader. we had leadership training on friday and i think i know who my companion is so i’m pretty excited!
there are a lot of memories here, hopefully a lot of growth, and a ton of lessons learned. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to forget any of the people that touched my life and strengthen my testimony. some of them were tricky and really tested my faith but all these things shall be for my good right? i understand more now the importance of putting our trust in the Lord and what the Savior means when he says, “come unto me”
this past week a member in one of the wards called us and asked if we could come over and talk. when we got there i realized that i was not prepared for what she told us. and i had no idea what to say or how to help her and not get too involved. she hadn’t slept in a long time so we cleaned her front living room and kitchen while she rested. we are trying to be spiritually supportive for her and get the ward to help her. she just doesn’t want a lot of people to know though because it’s sensitive.this may sound really weird and out of place but when we were with her and she was crying and confiding in us, i was shocked but there was a subtle peace that helped me wrap my arms around her. it was actually a really sacred moment for me to be there with her. to be the one, hopefully representing my Savior Jesus Christ, to hug her and pray out loud for her and her family. it made me step back for a second and really think. it was heart-wrenching to try to imagine this woman’s pain and anguish but those feelings of despair were instantly overcome with a calm understanding of the Lord’s merciful Atonement. all we could really offer at that time was a little cleaning and a scripture that i came across in personal study. but i know that the Lord understands her and knows how to help her heart heal. we also have a neighbor that lives really close. she struggles with her personal battles as do we all but often comes over and asks for help or offers her own services. she’s wonderful and i love her. but she’s really good at coming over and asking for something when we really need to get something done. anyway, she’s been really sick and needed help cleaning up her house and really just needed someone to listen to her. luckily, we were there! i often find that as we listen it gives that individual the opportunity to voice themselves and relieve that burden momentarily and it allows us, the listener, the chance to find our own remedies as well. i feel i do learn more than i actually teach! but this woman has taught me a lot about prayer, accepting people, accepting problems, fearing no man, and loving unconditionally. when i think of her i think of the desire i have to have my mind and my heart match the Savior’s. there are a lot of people around here, like her, that have truly blessed my life and taught me valuable lessons that i hope my soul never forgets. that’s what makes it so hard to leave this area. but i feel good about what’s ahead.
there are so many opportunities around us to serve! to love, to strengthen someone’s faith, to wipe a tear, to share a smile, to laugh so hard your stomach hurts, and to bring others to a stronger faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. i hope that we are praying for those moments in our lives and are faithfully searching for them. i am so grateful for your example of this mom! i am thankful that you live the gospel and have taught us to do the same. what always helps me get through my personal challenges are when i am reminded and prompted by the spirit to not doubt that my mother knows it. to me you are my hero and i love you mom. to the moon and back!!
have a super great week and keep reflecting on the messages that were given at general and stake conference! those little things count;)
much love,
hermana bain


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