October 27, 2014

hola all!
what a great weekend! i’m glad that you all were able to enjoy:) so many good things! it’s hard to believe that another week has already come and gone and that we are in week 3 of the transfer already! it blows my mind but i am so grateful for this past week. i have been learning so much from hermana martinez and i love that we are serving together! love her:)
this week we worked with some less active families and it was really great! from what i’ve heard the members haven’t been able to get into some of the homes but i feel that these less active families are softening back up little by little. on saturday i prayed that we would be able to see more of the less actives and find more people that have been baptized but for one reason or another don’t have their records in the branch. we met robert who has been endowed and sealed in the temple but is currently practicing seventh day adventist, yesenia who was in the english ward but is hispanic and recently moved into a trailer park in our area and hasn’t been to church for a little while, and we were able to find a less active who neither of us had met before and we finally found his address. i feel the Lord answered our prayers and led us to those specific people. i am grateful that our Heavenly Father knows where each one of his children are and each of their specific needs.
then we met martin. hermana martinez and i had made plans to visit some potentials before lunch. but then we received a call from a recent convert asking for some help filling out the ward bulletin. after we had stopped by we were leaving her apartment we met martin outside. he had just finished a call to mexico -to his ten year old son. well, we started to teach the restoration and invited him to be baptized. he accepted and was excited to begin preparing for his baptism on the 22nd of november. yesterday, he came to church and commented that he loved the feeling that he had when he was in the chapel. it’s one of the best feelings being to promise that the same special feeling he felt is something he can always have with him through following the example of Jesus Christ and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. the branch was excited to have him there (we were worried though because everyone kept pointing out that he was new and investigating but it worked out) and he said that he loved it.
we have another investigator on date who didn’t come to church yesterday. i’m not sure why he wasn’t able to come but at the time i was annoyed because it’s so important. but i was talking to hermana martinez and she reminded me that it’s even more important for him to do this on his own will. we did as much as we could think of to help him and even the members got involved. but it does all come down to his decision and his conversion. i know that the Lord is patient with each one of us and because of that i feel a stronger desire to patiently help him feel the Spirit and let the Spirit convert him.
i was also able to go on exchanges with hermana webb. she’s super sweet!! we had a neat lesson with one of her investigators, laura, and we were able to read the first chapter in the book of mormon with her. she committed to read the next chapter so i hope it all went well 😉 then we were able to teach a recent convert, avelino, who is going through a hard time right now. what was super neat for me was to be able to see how much hermana webb cares for avelino and is willing to help him. she always prayed for him, studied to find ways to help him, called him in the morning to remind him of his commitments, and talked to him again in the evening and prayed with him on the phone. and when i met him i could tell that he definitely trusted her. feeling the spirit builds trust. we also had the opportunity to see a couple other investigators and with each lesson i felt her desire to share the restored gospel through her honest conviction of the power of Jesus Christ. one of the many reasons that i love hermana webb is that she is not afraid to bear pure testimony in any and every given moment. she bears testimony often and it encouraged me to do likewise. it was also fun to see some of my former investigators!
i’m excited for this upcoming week because we have a lot of plans and we’ve set some goals that i am really excited about. i hope that you have a super week and that you have a happy halloween! we have to be in by 6:00 so we’ll be singing happy birthday to aunt kim!! just remember that i love you to the moon and back (times infinity)!! thanks for the thought on noah by the way, i think i am going to share that with one of our less active families.
much love,
hermana bain


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