November 3, 2014

hola all!
the time goes quick! i feel like it was just monday and here we are again:) we had such a great week and we are super stoked for another one to come! this week we had so much help from members with our lessons it was unreal but so so good. they have such strong testimonies and i appreciate the spirit they always bring into lessons. we have been trying to get the less actives involved as well by inviting them to lessons with us. it creates a good opportunity for them to strengthen their own testimony and they feel our sincere need for their help as well. we all just need those moments to remind us of what the spirit has taught us and moments to feel the spirit. the spirit does mighty things
i had such a great time on our exchange this week! we were able to exchange with the hermanas in the everett spanish north area. hermana bagley came to monroe with me and although it wasn’t as successful teaching wise as i had hoped and planned for, i feel it was a good experience. it was her first exchange so i wanted it to be super great which only added to my frustration when no one was home. it did give us a lot of time to talk though and get to know each other. i was nervous because it was the first time i would be in this new area without hermana martinez. it all worked out though and we were able to teach a couple of lessons and had some neat contacts. her new missionary fire was refreshing and i found a renewed commitment to step it up this week.
we have an investigator named rosa. she has 6 kids and is single, working part time cleaning houses. she had been studying with the Jehovah’s witnesses for eight years and recently stopped but her kids continue to study with them. she’s very nice and is really open but it’s been tricky to have her really commit to anything that we invite her to do. the hermanas from the branch that we invite to come with us have all known her already which is such a blessing because i feel that rosa really trusts them and looks up to them. the members have shared strong testimonies and always offer to help her. our goal this week is to give her a church tour so that she’ll feel more comfortable coming to church. one of our lessons with her this week really touched my heart. the member that accompanied us bore such a pure testimony of Jesus Christ. she shared her belief for the needs we have as children of God to have trials and challenges in this life but that through the atonement we are strengthened. she promised her that if she were baptized her struggles would not be taken away but that she would be able to overcome because she would have the holy ghost and the branch family. i miss a lot of the power and effect from this lesson through translation but man, it kinda knocked me off my feet (spiritually speaking) it was so powerful. i know that the only way back to our Heavenly Father and the only way to find lasting happiness is through our Savior Jesus Christ. the Lord continues to show his love through the restored gospel and it’s the greatest blessing we have as disciples of Christ to share this with our brothers and sisters.
martin is really progressing. he’s been to church the past two weeks and has started to pick up work with one of the members. something i’ve noticed is that the gospel fills our spiritual needs. his wife was murdered in mexico and his ten year old son is currently still there. there’s a lot going on in his life right now but what he mentioned to me yesterday at church was that he feels peace. i feel that kind of peace can only come through the teachings of Christ and the power of the atonement. it’s amazing how much he’s growing at such a rapid pace! he’s just so awesome and i know that he is being prepared by the Lord. one of the things that i really love about martin is that he doesn’t let anything get him down or let anything get in the way between him and his Redeemer. martin has a stutter, but he always says what he feels because he says it with conviction and faith. it encourages me to do the same:)
i have been loving my study of the book of mormon and preach my gospel this week. nothing huge has changed in my studies, maybe little tweeks, but i feel each morning a renewed desire to learn as much as i can and i always find an hour is just too short. but the more i study the more i find that my study would not be as effective if i didn’t have the book of mormon. i am so grateful for the book of mormon!
well, i hope you have a great week! i sure do love you all and i really appreciate you. it was a fun halloween even though we couldn’t go tricky or treating to leave pass along cards and copies of the book of mormon! i guess that would have been reverse trick or treating which is really what we do every day:) we just go around giving it away.
hope you are doing well and continue to smile:)
much love,
hermana bain


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