September 10, 2014

hey all!
what a week! time is just flying and it’s been a super great week 🙂
we had an exchange with the sisters serving the maltby ward, sister loose and sister steinacker. i was able to go to the maltby area with sister steinacker and it was super great! we were able to visit some formers, find potentials, and we also found a less active family who were willing to have us come back. it was a really interesting experience but it was super neat to see how gracefully sister steinacker bore testimony and shared powerful truths of the gospel. i learned so much! she was nervous to plan for the area, being her first transfer here but it was super fun!
we had missionary leader council this past thursday. and woah. the spirit there impacted me and has really given me a much needed push in my own work. i received a lot of insight for my talk that i gave in sacrament meeting yesterday (i spoke on building zion in our hearts, home, and the branch) and i’m excited to keep studying for the upcoming zone conference we have this weekend. while we were at mlc i learned what it felt like to learn and work by the spirit. it gave me perspective and inspired me to implement those principles in our companionship planning. i had a paradigm shift as i have been reviewing my notes and pondering the things that i felt and learned i have noticed that parts come back to mind as i am teaching and it helps me take a different route in the lesson. yesterday, we went to a return appointment but the man we went to teach didn’t answer the door, a different investigator answered, so we started to teach him instead but we made sure to start with an opening prayer. i felt that it was one of the more powerful lessons that we’ve experienced with him meaning that i felt there was a different spirit there with him. sometimes i find that it’s harder to start with a prayer because i just want to start teaching them while we have their attention and we actually have contact with them. i’ve had a lot of experiences where we have a really great 1st lesson, or what i feel is pretty great, and then we never have contact with them again or can’t see them for weeks and weeks. so there’s never that chance to follow up. but i’m trying to exercise my faith and even though we didn’t count all the visits that we had this week, focusing on actual lessons as defined in preach my gospel, i do feel that our lessons will be less casual and increase their chance for a more spiritual experience. i’m very grateful for the instruction and inspiration we received in mlc.
we were also able to help prepare benjamin be baptized this past weekend. it was such a good experience! he’s doing well and he received the Holy Ghost yesterday which was fantastic 🙂 we are so happy for him! and it was neat because martin came to church and was really interested in receiving the Holy Ghost for himself as well. something that is super neat about martin is that he understands the need to always ask God if what we are teaching is right and he is very willing to do so. he kind of freaked out when we pulled out the baptismal calendar (we plan ahead the lessons that we would like to teach and help them see visually so they can better prepare to make their baptismal covenants) but i think he was able to more fully commit to his decision to be baptized once we clearly explained it. it’s been such a beautiful experience to see the growth in his faith in Jesus Christ. he’s facing a lot of opposition right now, so we are focusing on how we can uplift him and continue to encourage him as he progresses. he’s looking for work and is feeling pretty lonely not having any family here. but we had the chance to talk to him again last night and he just bore testimony of having faith and hope in Christ. it was powerful
the weeks go quick, but i am so grateful and so excited for the coming week and i hope to continue to see the miracles that the Lord is blessing us with. i know that the things that i have studied and learned in preach my gospel have motivated me because of the Holy Spirit. i know that because my Heavenly Father loves me, i can better serve those around me with a more pure love for God and His children. i know that obedience more fully binds me to my Savior and protects me from temptation and those seen and unseen dangers and traps. i know that working with a grateful and willing heart is the cure to a failing testimony. i know because of my experiences (or lack of) this week.
i love you all to the moon and back!
much love,
hermana bain


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