November 17, 2014

Makail - Rainboots

hey all!
i’ve been looking forward to reading your email all week:) it was a tough week but nothing that i couldn’t handle. it was busy! we had exchanges with the hermanas in lynnwood. hermana brunsdale came to monroe with me and i must say that she is fantastic. i really learned a ton from her! we were able to teach blanca about the book of mormon (again) and read the first part of chapter one with her. we had a member with us and he bore a powerful testimony about the importance of reading the book of mormon but actually helped out more by entertaining the kids for a while so we could teach. there was a ton of noise. so much noise. and i wasn’t quite sure what to do. i felt the need to take control of the situation but the tv wasn’t on, there wasn’t music, the kids were in the back room… there was just so much noise. but i just remember how still she was. i know that we need the book of mormon in our crazy, hectic lives. it brings peace with the worldly noise around. it was definitely special being able to read with her to help her feel more comfortable doing it. i just love her! anyway, hermana brunsdale and i role played (a practice lesson) the word of wisdom. she was the missionary and i was the investigator that we would be teaching. it was interesting because everything that we said in the role play actually happened in the lesson with this investigator. at certain points of the lesson she would turn to me and we would have eye contact and we were thinking, “did he just say that? we just role played that!”. it was great πŸ™‚ i really enjoyed that exchange with hermana brunsdale -she’s wonderful
the other exchange we had was with the sisters in snohomish. i went to their area with sister adams. she’s great! we had fun biking and i got pretty good at fixing the chain πŸ™‚ these lovely sisters are working hard at finding. sometimes it’s difficult to find people who are sincerely interested and willing to investigate but it’s important to be diligent. that’s key right there! we were able to do some service at the food bank and had lunch with the bishop and his wife to talk about the ward missionary plan of setting a specific missionary plan with each individual family. i thought that was a good idea πŸ™‚ later, we went door to door spreading the good news and we met a super neat man! his name is robert (bob). he used to investigate the church but was faced with some pretty hard core challenges and never got back in contact with the missionaries. but i believe there was a reason we found him again.
zone meeting and zone conference this past friday were great! i’m really grateful for all the instruction that was given. it always gets me pumped up! i’m also grateful it’s done en espanol because it sure helps me out πŸ˜‰ we were able to see the movie “meet the mormons” and i’m tellin ya, everyone’s gotta see it! i don’t care if someone doesn’t like the church, they should see it because it’s inspiring! very uplifting:)
we’ve had a rough week. we’ve seen some struggles in our investigators. martin, the investigator who was preparing to be baptized this coming weekend and who’s progressing the most decided to move to houston this following saturday (his scheduled baptism). he’s just picking up and leaving. so we’ve been a little unsure how to help him at the moment. it feels there’s not much we can do at this point. but this week taught me a lot and we are motivated to do better, be better, and increase our faith in Jesus Christ. i think we’re ready for some miracles.
i testify that change is possible. we choose to believe. i’m grateful for this knowledge of the restored gospel and the ability to progress and succeed. things don’t always work out as planned but that’s because the Lord is planning. maybe our plans are good and they may even get better but i promise that the Lord’s plans are always the best. in life we will always come across hardship and difficulties but they don’t have to turn into despair or discouragement. there is hope and there is light. and it is only through Jesus Christ.
i’m grateful for the examples in finding the positive things in situations that are tricky. there are some things we can’t’ change. but we can still be happy. our investigator who was supposed to be getting baptized this weekend is moving. and i find it sad that i can’t convince him to stay and still be baptized. but i know that there are obedient missionaries there so he will find the gospel again. i’m trying to persuade him to actually seek them out instead of them having to find him but if he’s ready? it was a tricky week. physically it has been freezing, mentally i’m frustrated with my spanish, emotionally i’m drained and spiritually i’m weak. but. i know that Jesus Christ lives and that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is true and to me, nothing else matters. but i’m reminded that there’s good in all things. even though it’s been cold, it’s been sunny and at night (it gets dark around 5:30) the stars are gorgeous. i’m not fluent at spanish but i can carry a conversation, understand 98% of what they say, and i can teach them about the restored gospel. even though i had a rough week we learned a powerful lesson and i believe that we will be stronger. and even though i felt that my prayers were not being heard i cannot deny that my Heavenly Father not only heard my prayers and understood what was best, he felt my unspoken prayers and came to my aid.
and all these things were for my good.
i have said it before and i’m gonna say it again. I’m thankful for being raised in the gospel. sometimes i feel it’s a disadvantage because some people don’t take me seriously. saying i was “brain washed” as a kid. maybe i was. but i don’t really care because my Heavenly Father has helped me learn from others experiences as well as from my own. i have my own struggles and challenges but i also know that i have to rely on my Savior. i’ve been thinking about grace today and how wonderful it is. the grace of God is a beautiful thing. i want my investigators to understand and experience it.
i’m glad to hear that everyone’s doing well in school:) and that the dance was fun. i knew keith would rock the show, he’s too cool not to πŸ™‚ gosh, i miss that kid. anyway, you’ll all be in my prayers this week and i know that we will see miracles this week. i know that because we strive to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and this is a gospel of miracles.
i love you so much. thank you all for always bringing comfort to my heart. you all make me so happy and i think of you often. now that it’s getting a little bit more wet and cold i grabbed some rain boots from a missionaries apartment (they didn’t fit the sisters there but they were just my size!)
well i hope you make it a great week! love you to the moon and back times infinity!
much love,
hermana bain


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