December 1, 2014

hey all!

we had a really great thanksgiving as well. we had our p-day and did the usual stuff and then we were able to go to our investigators home for dinner. her name is areceli and her husband is reymundo. they have three adorable kids! i played cars with them and we played rock, paper, scissors for probably 20 minutes straight. it got intense.

we ate mole and rice (the e makes a long a sound, we did not eat a mole. just sayin) and it was super delish. i loved it! then we also had been invited to angie’s home as well. we were stuffed but angie is a recent convert and the only member in her family. she’s amazing! and i love her so much šŸ™‚ but her family are not members and they’re not really interested but we wanted them to know we loved them and that we are thankful for them and they invited us so there’s no way we would turn them down. her mom is on dialysis so she’s getting used to that. she’s a wonderful woman and it’s hard to see her so sick right now. but this past week she seems to be doing a lot better.

something that i love about hermana martinez is that she’s so real. i love that we can be ourselves around each other and that we love one another even with all our imperfections and faults. she’s taught me so much this transfer. so i am grateful that i get to serve with her until the end of her mission. she returns to mexico in three weeks!! at least i’m assuming we’re still companions because neither of us have received a transfer call yet.

well, it’s december!! can you believe it?? i hope you have heard about “He is the gift”. if not, check out and watch the video. it’s real short, only 2-3 minutes if that. super powerful though. the church has done some amazing things to bring the world together in celebrating Christ this season. i love it. love it. love it. love it. it’s such a beautiful time that we have really discover Jesus Christ. embrace Jesus Christ. and share the gift that He is and the light that He brings. i can’t even begin to explain how crazy fun it has been to tell people about this. it’s put a new fire in my work! so check it out, if you have, try it again and then share the love šŸ™‚ i’ll let you know how our week goes with this.

much love,

hermana bain


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