December 9, 2014

hey all!

Elder Cardon from the seventy was here for the mission tour and half the mission went to a conference yesterday and the rest go today. we woke up super early to get to mount vernon for the conference. hermana martnez and i were able to go to the leadership meeting with the stl’s in the north and the other zone leaders. it was really neat and i learned a lot from Elder Cardon. we talked about our mission culture and what we need to do as leaders to strengthen our missionaries. it was really powerful.

then we had the conference and received instruction from President and Sister Bonham and Elder and Sister Cardon. my mind was blown and if i could feel the spirit all the time the way that i did in those meetings…there would be nothing to hold me back. but something that i learned from the spirit in that conference is that the spirit is consistent and not necessarily constant. meaning, when we earnestly seek guidance and revelation we are promised that it will come by the spirit -that promise is consistent and will come every time. of course, it’s in the Lord’s time, but it will come. but that we also need to act on our agency, using good principles and judgement, to act for ourselves and not be dependent on every little detail. the way i see it is that if we were told by the spirit what to do every single moment of every single day and we knew without a doubt that it was from the spirit we would do it out of obligation and the “guilt trip”. not so much out of our own desires or by exercising our ability to choose. anyway, i’m not too sure that makes sense the way i’m trying to say it but my point is that i learned a lot through what i felt in that conference. and my testimony grew.

best of luck with the rest of the week! i hope that everything goes smooth and well. we have a pretty busy week as well so i’m looking forward to it! i’m praying for you all!

thanks for everything you’re doing right now. you are awesome! trust me, i know 😉

much love,
hermana bain


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