December 15, 2015

hi all 🙂

we had more exchanges this week with the maltby ward and the sunnyside branch hermanas 🙂 so fabulous. i love these sisters so much! we have a crazy week coming up too. tomorrow we have an exchange with the snohomish sisters, zone meeting on wednesday and then hermana martinez returns to mexico on thursday. so i’m not sure where that puts me. i could stay in my area and have another sister come with me. or. i could go join another companionship for the rest of the transfer. or. i could go with another sister who is also sending her companion home. point is, i don’t really know what’s going to happen but it’ll all work out ya know 🙂 hermana martinez hasn’t been trunky at all so i haven’t really been thinking about her leaving. it comes up and all but i guess it really hit me this morning that she’s going home this week.

but life is good here! to be honest, i can’t think of anything else that happened or that i wanted to say. but best of luck this week 🙂 it’s gonna be great!! i love you so much!


hermana bain


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