December 29, 2014

hi all!

it was super fun to have the family there in the call! i’m glad that you guys had fun and that i got to talk to you πŸ™‚ i am so blessed to have such an amazing family. and thank you thank you thank you for the packages! i really appreciate it. this is one happy missionary!

that’s a good reminder about the cpr (church, prayer, read scriptures). we use that as well but in spanish it’s oil. orar. iglesia. leer las escrituras. oil is nice and handy to keep things running smoothly and on track. so i love that english and spanish work well together πŸ™‚

we had a lesson with the family that i told you about in the call -they came to the christmas party with the branch. we actually went to invite them to a fireside but we ended up staying and talking to them about their doubts of the gospel. it was really neat because they were so open with us. the mom and her brother are actually members who were baptized years ago in mexico and they all remember the baptism πŸ™‚ they were telling us that they didn’t really know what they were doing but they were baptized because they liked the elders and had had good experiences with mormons. i believe that they were introduced to missionaries for a reason and that those good influences in their lives have opened the door way down the road for them. and now we’re ready to help them with some cpr which will help them to true conversion.

it’s very easy to love this people. and i’m grateful for the experiences that i am having with them. and i am always grateful for the unlimited tacos we get every single day. i honestly can’t remember the last time we made dinner for ourselves. people just give us tacos and water throughout the whole day. a very generous people πŸ™‚

happy new year this week! crazy huh?! i can’t believe that it’s gone…just goes too quick. hermana pirir and i were talking about how much we look forward to the christmas call home and then it’s here before we know it and gone even sooner! but it was so great to see everyone and talk with you all! it hit me how much i really miss you guys! but i do have to admit that after talking to you i felt this urgency and excitement to work smarter and to work even harder! i realized how important my family is to me and how important this mission is to me πŸ™‚ thanks for encouraging and inspiring me!!

this is going to be a good year. it just has a good ring to it ya know? 2015. and thanks for the advice! i’m going to set some goals and then write them done. i definitely know how important that is to write down those goals and then follow up!

to answer your question about some of the skills that i have learned on my mission, i would have to start by saying that i honestly don’t know where to start! any skill that i had before was strengthened and the things that i have learned so far seem to be immeasurable. i did have the opportunity to have an interview with my mission president, President Bonham. i really respect him. not only is he one of the best mission presidents (i’m not just saying that because i’m bias -i know that i totally am, but a visiting authority from the quorum of the seventy told us as well) but i really do think of him as one of my heroes. he has taught me so many life changing lessons. anyway, in the interview i asked a couple of questions and he gave some super advice but at the end he told me that i have grown a ton in the last year. i was thrown off guard, not expecting it, but it was really neat to hear my mission president tell me that i am more confident and happy. πŸ˜€

i do think that my mission has taught me better communication skills (including listening), goal setting, integrity (doing what i say i would do), and has given me a stronger desire to seek truth. i mean, what the gospel is designed to do is take our abilities and then amplify them through the atonement of Jesus Christ so i feel i have grown in all aspects of my life. i know i’m not perfect,i have many faults and weaknesses but now i’m more aware and i know who can help me. but i feel healthier physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.Β  i am even a better driver! i’m telling you, missions are incredible.

i think that my mission has also given me the tools that i need and the basic foundation for the future i’m striving for. it’s given me that vision. anyway, i hope that kinda answers your question πŸ™‚ i figure that there could even be things that i don’t realize i’ve learned and that it’ll come in handy later down the road. we’re always learning right?

i hope you’re enjoying your christmas break and that everyone is having a good time! life is so good and it’s meant to be enjoyed just like you testified.
keep being awesome!
much love,

hermana bain


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